Mobile content marketing promotes brand awareness

By extending your brand to mobile content marketing you will promote brand awareness by making sure you’re always with your potential or current clients via an app that you have created just for your business. There are already apps out there that you can brand as your own, so don’t panic. You just put in the info needed to change the app and presto, you’re branded.

If you have an awesome idea for an app but no coding know-how, no need to worry. You can create apps yourself by coming up with an idea, then putting an advertisement on eLance, Odesk, Shelancers or a variety of other places where you can find coders. Your mobile app can be a simple calendar with your branding on it, or a special desk top, or more. It’s up to you and your imagination. And don’t worry outsourcing a simple mobile device app won’t break the bank.

One thing to consider is that a mobile device is not a computer, there is less real-estate, and it’s harder to use a mobile device for navigation through a complicated website. So make it easy for your mobile clients to read, listen, or watch what is important by putting that front and center for your mobile client base.

Due to the fast adoption of mobile devices among the global population, actually outpacing desk top computing, it is more imperative than ever that you start right now deciding on a mobile content marketing strategy. Leveraging mobile content marketing as another component of your over all content marketing strategy will increase brand awareness, client engagement, and eventually your over all return on investment.

Mobile Content Marketing is super controllable

When thinking of the best time of day or day of the week to send out your eNewsletters, and your email messages we try to pick times where our potential client is at the computer checking email, and that is not always easy. We have such a mobile society, with many people not sitting at their computers all day long.

The increase of Internet access via smart phone technology has increased exponentially over the last two years and this is something Internet marketers need to take into consideration when planning their content marketing strategy. If you’re not convinced yet, realize that with mobile content marketing you will have much more control over when and how your clients receive messages.

You can arrange specific lunch time messages, knowing that your clients are likely out to lunch, sending them a quick text message reminder to check out your new blog post, or the new product, or sale, is going to work a lot better than just hoping they come back to the office and wade through the 100 other eMarketing messages they received while out to lunch. Since most people keep their mobile device with them all the time you can engage your potential client on an entirely different level via their mobile device by sending them pointed text message questions via a social media app and create a conversation via mobile media.

Keeping the conversation going and truly engaging your potential clients with mobile content marketing is something very important for all Internet marketers to start taking advantage. Start thinking about ways in which you can add mobile content marketing to your content marketing strategy.