Coaching Tip To Identify Your Niche

One of the questions I get asked from my clients is “I want to use my talents to create my own Business. I get stuck in identifying my niche”
My answer to this based upon my own transitions and transformations and coaching is this

1. Identify all your intangible and tangible strengths. Put time to write it out. Work with a coach if you need to. Be brutally serious in identifying your Unique Brilliance.
2. Write down all the fears and frustration your prospects are facing. Write down their true desires.

3. Niche is the intersection of where your Unique Brilliance meets the prospect’s need to overcome his fears and frustration.

Coaching Tip to Stay At Home Moms/ Solopreneurs

One of the challenges that my clients come up with is, starting and creating a ritual to exercise. I get several reasons like 1. It is easy for you to say. 2. You have so much time, money, help etc. 3. I don’t get support. 4. I need company etc etc..


I completely understand and it is true. I have been there and continue to work on myself when I get those excuses. Here are the mindset shifts/action steps that works for me. You are welcome to test it out.


Love and accept yourself and your body as it is. Give yourself permission to spend time on maintenance of your body guilt free. Affirm to create new way of thinking. You have now worked on E and M ( Emotional and Mental) part of BEMERI


Set your environment to suit your needs. Like clear space, a notebook to capture your thoughts. Let your kith and kin know that you are unavailable for ….(mins) as you are exercising. Last and most important give a name to the type of exercise you do. For example I have named mine as SGY- Sadguru Yoga, FOY- Fountain Of Youth. SOPA etc.


You have now worked on ERI ( Environment, Relationship, Idea) of your BEMERI. Your B-BODY now drives you organically to exercise. Now it is your turn. Try it and share your experience.