WOM-A Home-Study program for business Owners-I highly recommend

Finally after a whole year Mark Joyner’s “Word of Mouth
Transformation” program is finally back, but before you click
this link …

… there are some things I think it’s important for you to know.

1. The above page in itself is a word-of-mouth marketing
education. I strongly recommend you read the whole page
because it will dispel a few myths that may be sucking the
cash-blood out of your business, and it will teach you the
foundational principles of what I consider to be the “marketing
of the future” (you’ll totally understand why I say that after
you read it.

2. The way they have it structured now, you will get the
training spooned out to you over 12 months. You and I both
know it: if you get a big training program all at once it
will sit on your bookshelf or collect “e-dust” in a crusty
corner of your hard-drive.

Word of Mouth Transformation is totally different.

3. You’ll get to spy on what our student did over the last
year following Mark’s precise instructions. In the first 9
months alone his business doubled.

Now, you probably get lots of offers from people who claim all
sorts of outlandish things about what you can do with your

Compare yourself to a year ago – has any of that stuff really

Doubling your business in 9 months is no simple task, but you’ll
get to see exactly how one of Mark’s students did it.

Anyway, I won’t keep you any longer as I really want you to read
the above page. I especially want you to learn why the
“Sisyphean” method of doing business – that you’re probably
involved in right now unconsciously – is a huge huge mistake
so please read this now before the phone rings or that next
email comes in:

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