Do You Get Paralyzed From Taking Action, by Focusing on What You Don’t Want?

I work with clients that operate their Small Business in addition to their regular job. Most often, when they get caught in focusing what they DON”T want, they paralyze taking action towards their goal. Do you drain your energy thinking of uncertainty in your business or job? Does it bother when you look at declining stock portfolio? If you answered NO, stop reading. If you answered YES, I would like you try the following strategies that has worked for me.

From the bottom of my heart, I am a firm believer of the fact that “It is not how much you make, but it is how much you keep that matters”. However these days how much we make is becoming uncertain even for a salaried person. There are more lay offs. We cannot afford to park our hard earned savings in a mutual fund and pray that it will grow. All of a sudden we hear businesses declaring bankruptcy. We have no control over these. However we do have control on one thing and that is my favorite -Self talk.

1. Self talk normally comes up as several uninterrupted questions. What do you do? First take a deep breath and acknowledge that right now God has given you the ability to think. Only human beings can do that.

2. Ask yourself questions that will lead you to what you WANT. Here are a couple of examples -How can I have multiple streams of income? What skills can I learn/develop for FREE that will enable me to provide additional services and create revenue?

3. Do not ask questions that will lead you to what you do not want. Here are a couple of examples. What will I do if I don’t have regular income? Why am I a victim of downsizing?

4. When you ask yourself questions that will lead you to what you want, your mind is in the creative mode and inspires your body to take positive action towards what you want. You will begin taking actions like asking people who have created multiple streams of income, searching in the internet etc and feel empowered. Did you know people are making money legitimately for blogging, for taking pictures, for buying music, for reading emails etc. You can get paid for promoting products of Amazon by becoming their affiliate.

5. When you ask yourself questions that lead you to what don’t want, your energy level becomes low, you stop thinking and your body is paralyzed from taking any action.

ACTION STEPS: Here are three things you can do right now

1. Commit to yourself that you will watch and be aware of your self talk every day
2. Write down immediately 2 questions that are leading you to what do not want.
3. Change those two questions to lead you to what you do want and start taking action right now.

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