Is Recession affecting you? Are you aware of your unique style of executing your Revenue Producing Activity?

A Small Business Owner/Consultant starts a business because he is an expert in something. The truth is, while operating your business, you are always learning something and looking to find ways to improve upon. Even though learning new things may seem to be fun, it can be frustrating if you do not know YOUR best way of learning and implementing in your business to produce revenue. Hence it is important to know and be aware of your predominant style that works best for you to execute any revenue producing activity.

In my experience with my clients, colleagues and friends, I have observed these basic FIVE ways that people learn and do their best.

In a quiet environment: Some people can learn and do their best when they are alone. When no one is around, they are able to focus completely. If you are such a person, never underestimate the need to be alone. Just block 2-3 hours of quiet time either in the morning or evening for this purpose. Do whatever it talks to read an important article, write an article or listen to an audio.

Example of activities-Writing your article or newsletter

Being a part of a team: Some business owners learn and work well when they are in a group. When they are a part of a team or group, their creativity sparks in. They are able to use the ideas generated in the group and easily implement it in their business. You can create a mastermind group that consists of like minded business owners. Ensure that the group is small and meets regularly. Meetings could be held face to face or virtually.

Example of activities: Webinars/teleseminars to discuss industry updates.

By writing on paper: With the invention of computers, PDAs, iphones, etc this may seem outdated. However, this works best for me to get my tasks completed quickly, easily and effortlessly. If you are a techie, feel free to use the above gadgets. The key here is to record it somewhere. When you do so, you are putting your heart and soul into it, your mind is free from clutter and you can be sure that Universe will come forward to help you achieve what you want.

Example of activities: Your daily, weekly, monthly Action Plan.

Speaking and hearing yourself: Some people create an audio of what they speak in meetings/seminars, transcribe and get inputs from their audience and readers. They learn best from the inputs of their audience and readers.

Example of activities: Creating your information product such as ebooks, audio books.

By listening: Some people are primarily auditory in nature. They learn and work best by listening. I personally like this very much, because, while listening I can work out in a Gym or even do some errands. This saves my personal time and I feel empowered.

Example of activities: Listening to recorded calls from your Coach, mastermind group.

You may choose any one or all the styles that best suit YOU .The point is to be AWARE of what your predominant style is and utilize that style in executing your revenue producing activity (RPA)

Action Steps:

Here are the two things that you can do right now:

First, read this article as many times you want to, sit quietly and list the style you used primarily and enjoyed doing in the last 30 days.

Second, pick three revenue producing activities and use this style to your advantage.

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