Three Significant Lessons I Learned From My Business in 2009

1. Be Focused On WHY You Want To Reach Your Goal

At the end of 2008 I made bigger income goals for 2009. However when my husband had to face downsizing, I was emotionally drained with self limiting belief to achieve my income goal. I used to take it personally by way of blaming myself for dreaming big OR feeling unworthy.

Lesson Learned: I realized that to reach a destination, I will have to accept and go through roadblocks and speed breakers. I have to be ready for detours and slowing down when I hit a speed breaker. I had to make several course corrections (learning to process my emotions when I encounter such roadblocks and speed breakers, reducing my income goal to be realistic), bearing in mind that my WHY is more important than the goal itself. My WHY. was to spend more time with my family and provide for my childrens’ education. but when I focused on my WHY, it helped me to courageously take two steps back, to go one step forward. Success came to me by way of my children getting scholarship, getting part time jobs to pay for their tuition, and I made five figure profit in my business, even though I had to change my income goal.

2. Do At Least One Marketing Activity Everyday

I used to think that marketing means, pounding on prospects to buy your product/subscribe to your services, by calling them or emailing them. I was wrong. I realized that before anyone decides to buy, he/she needs to learn about you from you/others and trust you. This is possible only if I can market in different ways through several mediums.

Lesson Learned: Do your best, to do one marketing activity every day. It could be, writing an article/blogpost/ezine/salesletter, commenting on blogs, tweaking your website to improve conversion, posting updates in Social networking sites like Twitter/Linkedin/Facebook, interviewing experts, seeking JV partners etc. It may seem overwhelming at first, but by doing at least one activity every day, the results are phenomenal.

3. When You Are Not Producing Revenue, Be An Active Learner.

When I did not make a sale or have a coaching client or service order, I used to worry about not creating revenue, my future and ruin the present moment.

Lesson Learned: I learned methods to help me stay in the PRESENT moment, be thankful and focus on consistently gathering information about my business/industry by reading articles, listening to audio, participating in Webinars etc. I realized that it is best to keep on preparing for an unknown opportunity, so that when an opportunity shows up you are prepared to grab it. ( the so called LUCK).

I would like to know the lessons you learned in 2009 that helped you transform your life, business, Career. Please go ahead and share your comments below:

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