Start a Fixed Term Membership Site and Create Residual Wealth

I recently signed up for some of Jimmy D. Brown’s free and paid courses. I’ve got to tell you — I’m liking his courses, because there is no hype!

In fact, he’s provided me with an excerpt from his very popular course Membernaire – which teaches the easy way to creating recurring/residual income.

He says that all you need is the first article written and you can be in business. More about that in a moment.

But, first — I’ll share a few pages of the actual paid course.

Excerpt from Membernaire
by Jimmy D. Brown

One of the biggest problems that membership site owners face is getting content. No question about it, it’s a struggle for some people to keep cranking out quality information, while others find even getting started a challenge.

What I want to share with you today are some different WAYS to get information to share each week.

Before I share these with you, let me quickly talk about the “4 pillars” of information…

– You can WRITE IT YOURSELF. The obvious primary source of your content is that which you write yourself.

– You can INTERVIEW SOMEONE. Another option for one or more lessons is to interview other people in your field, both “experts” and “non-experts” alike.

– You can HIRE A GHOSTWRITER. You may also want to outsource the creation of some or all of your lessons to a professional ghostwriter who will anonymously write the lessons which you can then claim ownership and authorship to.

– You can PURCHASE PLR CONTENT. A final major pillar is to purchase a “private label license” to existing content which you may thereby alter and publish as your own.

In the future, I will have a COMPLETE LESSON on *each* of these four pillars to share lots of keys to success, vendor resources and other insights into using these sources for developing your content.

But today I’ll be going over some “other” options that few people really use (if they’ve even heard of them!)…

7 S.O.U.R.C.E.S™ For First-Rate Content

As the so-called “King of Acronyms”, I use


Let’s take a look at each of these in greater detail…

S.O.U.R.C.E.™ #1 S – Standalones.

There are a variety of different kinds of “standalones” that you can offer in exchange for a “regular” lesson.

These are usually materials that are related to the topic of your FTM site and are used to enhance the content for a better understanding and application of your lessons.

A few examples include…

• Worksheets
• Templates
• Quizzes
• Calendars
• Checklists
• Planners
• Illustrations
• Mindmaps
• Tools
• Vendor List
• Documents (Legal, Business, Etc.)
• Forms
• Charts

And so forth. Anything that can be created to improve upon your existing content is an idea option here.
I recommend that you use one of these as a substitution for your regular lesson at least once every other month.

If that’s two pages of the course — imagine how much you’ll learn over the entire year’s worth of lessons.

The course is getting rave reviews from beginners and expert marketers alike. Check it out:


  1. Stefan Browman says

    This is a very good blog and it is very informative.. Thank you very much for your time in writing this stuff. I will put some links to some of those articles on my twiter page for my friends to come and read it as well.Thank you.

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