Entrepreneurs-Clearing Cluttered Mind

An Entrepreneur, especially if she/he operates business out of home, can have several distractions. As he/she does not have a set work timing, these distractions can take a toll on the daily operations of the business. Hence how can you commit to daily operations of your business?
Here is one method that I use to stay focused:
Our dominating thoughts manifest in the form of our actions and the things we create. Hence first thing in the morning, we must commit to stay focused. As soon as you commit to stay focused, ask yourself how you can do so. Don’t give up if you get stuck with all negative thoughts coming up. Instead, do the activity that inspires YOU and makes you feel good. I have found simple breathing exercise and simple Yoga Asanas very helpful starting my day with full inspiration and in keeping me stay focused. I keep a note book and pen near me when I do Yoga, the reason being, that is the time all ideas/distracting thoughts pop up. I write down all these thoughts immediately and continue with Yoga. The act of doing Yoga and writing may seem as though I am not concentrating in Yoga. However that is not the case. There are two things happening here:
1. By doing deep breathing and stretches, I feel very good and inspired to handle the day’s activities.
2. By writing the thoughts immediately, I am able to let go of unwanted thoughts and also know clearly what I want for the day.
You are welcome to try this technique and I invite you to share your way of starting the day with inspiration and stay focused.

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