Powerful List Building Strategies from Ali Brown

I hope you enjoyed Ali Brown’s teleseminar yesterday, “Grow That
List! The 7 Streams of List Building That Are Working Right
Now.” She mentioned some powerful strategies and tools for
list-building that every entrepreneur should know.

Not only did we hear about 3 of the latest list-building methods
we should try (along with some outdated methods to cross off our
list), but Ali also announced the details of her new 4-part
telecourse “List Building System: Strategies, Tools, and Secrets
to Grow Your Own Profitable List of Prospects Who Buy,” designed to
simplify the process and help you create a sustainable audience
of buyers for your products and services.

To get access to Ali’s call focusing on list building
strategies, head here:


This course is designed for you, whether you’re in the early
stages of your newest venture or you’re anxious to get a surge
of new subscribers to your existing customer list. And with the
many new developments and tools now available, it’s a refresher
almost everyone could use to get up to speed quickly without
wasting time trying to figure everything out on their own. In
fact, Ali believes list-building is SO critical to your
entrepreneurial success that she will be personally teaching the
entire course this summer!

To find out more and to register go here:


The first call begins on Wednesday, July 28, 2010 (less than 2
weeks away!), so register today and get ready to explode the
size of your subscriber list and transform your business! I hope
you will take advantage of this rare chance and reserve YOUR
spot now at:


Hope to see you on the course!

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