10 Tips To Hire Your Business Legal Advisor

When my employer downsized and I first wanted to start my business, I wanted to consult a lawyer, because I had several questions coming up in my mind. I approached my friends, relatives and searched in the internet to locate a lawyer to answer my questions. I realized that my questions will have to be answered by lawyers in different areas of law. It was not feasible for me to hire each of those lawyers and seek consultation. It took me several hours of time and effort to come up with a solution. Based on my research, I realized that having a Business Legal Advisor/legal services team would serve my purpose, even if I had to pre-pay a membership fee. Have you ever felt this way? If you answered yes, then here are the ten tips to know while researching to hire your Business Legal Advisor/Legal services team.

1. Are you getting access to top quality lawyers? You can review their ratings at Martingale-Hubbell’s website for US companies. Apart from yourself, is there an option to cover your family, business and employees?

2. Every state/city has different law. Do you get access to lawyers in all the states? Do you have to pay additional fee for each state?

3. Is the membership fee affordable? Do you have the options to pay monthly/quarterly/yearly?

4. Are you bound by any contract or can you cancel the membership any time?

5. Do you have to call a long distance number to access the lawyer or would you have the ability to access by using a Toll Free number?

6. Do you have the ability to receive unlimited consultation for the membership fee you pay?

7. Do you have to pay additional premium for your family members or would you pay one rate for your family?

8. Do you have to pay any additional fee for every situation you seek consultation?

9. Would you have the ability to ask questions/get additional consultation on a pre-existing issue?

10. Do you have Customer Service support by phone, email and snail mail?

There are several Legal Services Plan available for you to enroll. In addition to doing your due diligence about the company and management, asking the above questions will benefit you immensely in hiring the right Legal Services team. You will feel empowered to protect your family and run your business smoothly and with peace of mind.

Action Steps:

Here are the two things you can do right away:

1. Set your timer right now for 30 minutes and commit to locating your legal services team, enroll and give it a try.

2. If you are not ready, Sign up for free educative ezines to learn more about their services.

Do you have any specific question/issue and want to know how you can benefit from a Legal Service Plan? Please send your question here by clicking Step-2

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