Free report + 50% off coupon for a top-selling course

This is going to expire in just a few days, so I wanted to let you know about it as quickly as possibly.

Jimmy D. Brown has prepared a free copy for you of one of his most influential reports. It showcases how he turned tiny 7-15 page reports into a million dollar publishing business.

It’s entitled…

How To Turn 7-15 Page Small Reports Into A Six-Figure Information Empire

You can download your copy at:

No list to join. No complicated process. Just visit the site and click on the download link. End of story.


While you’re there, consider the special offer for his top-selling course of all-time. It’s called “Small Reports Fortune” and it’s being retired in just a few days.

He’s sold thousands of copies at $97 each, but as part of his “retirement” celebration, he’s put together a special HALF OFF coupon for you.

There is a special offer link at the bottom of the page. The cost for Small Reports Fortune is only $47 if you order from this page

Get all the details there. Get your free report. Get started building your business!

Disclaimer: In fact, you most likely WILL buy their stuff, because it’s
that good. Further, if you use that link above to buy the product/set up free account/attend free teleseminar and then buy from them, I may get paid an affiliate commission for sending you in the first place and you’re helping to support Elbee Services, LLC. Full disclosure! Please use your due diligence and make a decision.


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