Solo Entrepreneurs-Five Tips To Simplify Branding Your Business

We normally start a business, because we are good at some thing. Then we want to transform what we are good at, to a product and sell or offer as a service. We begin with the intention of offering one service-say Accounting or document preparation or consulting etc. As you run your business what sets you apart is your branding. In this article I wish to share my knowledge about Branding, specifically for Solo Entrepreneurs.In the beginning you may be overwhelmed with several activities such as, delivering your services, collecting payments and may not have much time to brand your business. That is perfectly fine. However over a period of time, you can develop your brand by paying attention to the following tips and integrate in your marketing message:

People do business with whom they like and trust. You may have a fancy business name or may have a great product, but at the core of every business is the business OWNER who started his/her business with a Vision in his mind. Your Brand must reveal your core values. What is the single most important thing that you will never compromise, no matter how much ever your business grows?


Your business may not be the same five years from now. However you would have attracted clients based upon who you are and the person you have become in those five years. You will need to study your clients and determine who is your ideal client. This includes their geographical location, marital status, gender, their personal and professional preferences, hobbies, reading preferences etc etc. Your branding must reveal your ideal client.


Be clear about the features and benefits that your product OR service offers. The product/service that you sell/offer may have the same features (example-10 page work book, Two hours Coaching, True testimonials) as your competitor. However you have attracted your ideal client, because of the unique benefit (example- After your coaching, your client has custom made blue print for applying the principles to HIS business) that he receives from your product/service.Your branding must convey how your client will benefit.


Be sure to connect with your client and create an experience. To accomplish this, you do not have to be a wealthy business owner. Be your authentic self, listen to your clients’ needs from the bottom of your heart and truly offer a solution. When the client is happy, thanks you and tells you-“You have made it so easy/simple ” or “You have taken the burden out of my heart”, then you have created an invaluable intangible experience. Listen to the compliments from your clients and include it in your branding.


Create a vision and mission statement. Include its essence in branding your business. This can be very difficult for Solo Entrepreneurs. It can involve lot of time and professional help. There are several resources online and offline available, for branding. I found to be a good resource for woman entrepreneurs.
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