Entrepreneurs | Are You Stuck On What To Leverage? Part 1

If you have been following my blog, I am sure you know that I love Simpleology courses for the information it provides entrepreneurs. I have purchased most of them myself and earned some as Gifts. Yesterday, with thoughts of entrepreneurs on my mind, I was revising one of the lessons in Simpleology 201 Simple Science of Leverage, as I am seriously considering leveraging some tasks in 2011.

Leveraging Entrepreneurs in 2011

Having transitioned from Corporate to the world of entrepreneurs, I found that in the Corporate world, there are rules and regulations that guide us about the team. We don’t have to hire a team, but the company creates the team for us and we are a part of it. However when we transition to be Entrepreneurs (whose primary reason IS to be his or her OWN boss) it can be very challenging to making a mindset shift of hiring someone and become responsible for the team. It is like we come away from something, and NOW we have to do the SAME thing, but suiting the entrepreneurs CORE values/beliefs and needs.

Tips for Entrepreneurs

Today I plan to share threeof the Seven Tips I gathered from the lesson, that helped me understand what tasks to leverage:

Tip 1 Repetitive Tasks – As entrepreneurs, we need to remember to train someone to do it for us and have quality control in place. This can be a huge time saver.

As I have been doing Simpleology-101 and 102 “Simple Science of Getting what you want” and “Simple Science of Money”, I trained myself to ask these two questions:

o Is this task/thought/action taking me towards my goal OR away from my goal?

o Am I making empowering choices or dis-empowering choices?

When I did that I was able to eliminate doing many repetitive tasks either by delegating or automation.

Tip 2 As entrepreneurs, we need to look for things that are not our core competency OR that we are not experts in and find someone to do it for us.

As much as I love to learn, I found that the technical aspects of search engine optimization pertaining to website management will take longer time and may affect my creativity. Hence, as entrepreneurs, we need to delegate more. I recently made the plunge to delegate it to Whole Hog Blogs.

Tip 3 Entrepreneurs should never outsource the tasks they are good at doing. You don’t want to leverage those tasks even though you may find a very successful business owner has leveraged that task.

I love to inspire and move people to ACTION. This is my Life and Business purpose. The way I achieve my purpose is to help other entrepreneurs by writing and, virtually, by telephone. My plan is to find more ways and opportunities to provide solutions to employees looking to make the transition to becoming entrepreneurs and setting up their own home-based business.

I will cover the other four tips in my next post. If you want to learn more about leverage, I heartily recommend Mark Joyner’s Simple Science Of Leverage Program.

What are your thoughts on these tips? What are your suggestions for your fellow entrepreneurs.


  1. says

    Hi Lalitha! As you are aware from our conversations, I’m a bit of a control freak (okay more than a bit). However, you are serving as my inspiration to “finish up” goals I set a long time ago yet never seemed to find the time to set into place. My doing so, I will (and am) freeing up more of my time so I can pursue the “higher goals” I have in mind for myself and my company.

    Off to read your Part 2 in this series – btw I came via your guest article in your ezine and I am exploring your sidebar navigation for more tips and quality coaching.

    • Lalitha Brahma says

      Hi Theresa

      I am glad to know that you are inspired to complete the tasks that lead you to your goal. I wish you all the best. Looking forward to read your comments on Part 2

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