Happy Mother’s Day

This is Lalitha here wishing you Happy Mother’s Day. While I was at the Gym, I was thinking of the times when I transitioned from an employee to an entrepreneur and felt some strong similarities in a mother and an entrepreneur. I was so excited that I just wanted to share it in the form of Video!

In hurry, Watch the Video here

M-Mindset-A Mother always has to keep an eye on her mindset and needs to make shifts like an Entrepreneur to help her stay focussed in the game.

O-Opportunity-May it be a mother or an Entrepreneur, she is always an opportunity seeker.

T-Tough Love Is some thing that is common to a mother and an entrepreneur. As much as she loves her family or Enterprise, she needs to be tough to bring out her best!

H-Healing Is an intrinsic part of a mother and an entrepreneur. Being sensitive to the needs of family and business, she is more prone to emotional wounds, and finds ways to heal them.

E-Education Is key to a mother and an entrepreneur. She feels more fulfilled when she educates herself, her family, clients and service providers.

R-Revolve-A Mom Entrepreneur’s whole life revolves around her family and business. She cannot separate the two!

Wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. I invite you to take a look at my Bonus Offers that ends TODAY and treat yourself and your Enterprise.

Now I invite you to share your comments/thoughts.


  1. Gladwell says

    Your well thought out ideas on this topic were topic was of great help. Thank you for taking time to create this Video for sharing your opinions.

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