Ask Lalitha | I Want To Start a Home Business So Why Am I Feeling Uncomfortable

Question: I lost my job and I think starting a business from home is a good idea. However, I am apprehensive, uncomfortable and unable to move forward to get one started. Can you tell me why I feel this way? Is there something I can do to help me move past this road block I have set up for myself?

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Lalitha’s Answer: A Home Based Business owner or a self employed person starts her business from home, thinking that she has all the time and freedom to operate her business without any one to boss over her. In my opinion, there are ONLY two major reasons for starting a business from home.

o  One is to save the major overhead costs that comes up with renting an office and buying furniture, etc.

o  The second one is to be able to cater the needs of your family members, while doing your business without the need to SHOW up in your physical office.

Yes, it is normal to feel uncomfortable. Do you know the reason? If you know why you are uncomfortable, you will find a way to address the issue.  For example  you are uncomfortable because you don’t know how to Incorporate a Business . As you know the reason, you will read or find someone who can help you to incorporate your business.

You should be concerned about the discomfort that is caused by something that you, yourself are not AWARE of. This will show up as several distractions, out of which I will cover Five of them and reveal WHAT they ARE and WHY you should be concerned about them. These distractions can cost you in terms your personal time, energy and money, which the three sources of power. In order to run a profitable business from HOME and and lead a harmonious lifestyle, it is necessary at first to become AWARE of these distractions.
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Stay tuned for my second audio, when I will reveal these five major distractions, that show up when you are not AWARE of why you are uncomfortable.


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    Hi Lalitha! I’d highly recommend (and do!) that everyone coming into contact with this blog and this post in particular sit up and take notice. What Lalitha has to give to the world is incredible. I’m living proof!

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