Ask Lalitha | What Are The Five Major Distractions?

Question: In your first audio, you had mentioned that, when you don’t know WHY you are uncomfortable, they show up as distractions and there are Five major distractions. What are they?

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Five Major Distractions

Lalitha’s Answer: The five major distractions are
1. Physical clutter on your desk/home.
2. Feeling Overwhelmed with projects.
3. Phone calls/Every event in the family seems to be affecting you. and you Feel like a victim of circumstances.
4. Comparing yourself to others
5. Fear Of Unknown

How do these distraction show up in your business?

Physical Clutter, can subconsciously keep your brain clogged and you will not have CLARITY to take that next step towards your goal-which may be as simple as sending ONE email following up for a payment.

Feeling Overwhelmed with projects- This will drain your energy and keep you exhausted physically and mentally, which will STOP you from making responsible decisions for the growth of your business.

Phone calls/events in your family will always make you feel guilty for not giving enough attention to your home based business.

Comparison with your competitors will lead you to contempt and stop you from moving forward. It will also keep you from being focused in your business and MOVE you AWAY from your goal.

Fear of unknown-Fear for no reason comes up almost every day and will paralyze you from taking daily action that is needed for running your business .

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Did you see how all these distractions can end up in negative emotion or drain your energy? In the next audio I will reveal, why you should address these FIVE distractions RIGHT from the beginning. Now I invite you to comment, how these distractions affect your business.


  1. says

    Definitely physical clutter! It is incredible how smothering so much STUFF can be! Starting each day with a clean slate so to speak does wonders to keep you on track on and moving forward! (And the adage is… we teach best what we need to learn, my desk is a mess!)

    • Lalitha Brahma says

      I agree. Thanks.

      In my Daily Target Praxis, I write, one item that needs to be cleared/let go. This habit helps me think in terms of letting go of what does not serve my purpose and ALLOWING something bigger and better in my life and business.

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    Great website. I just found it through Yahoo. I bookmarked you and I’ll return to read more posts like this one.

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    Your website has inspired me to totally change the way I think. Just saying thanks for your great work.

  4. Bens says

    I discovered your website on google and read a number of of your early posts. Excellent posts. Looking for forward to reading extra from you later on!…

  5. Brynga says

    This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your blog posts.

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