5 Simple Steps To Process Your Energy Draining Negative Thoughts PART-2

Processing Your Negative Thoughts-Continued

Today we will cover the remaining three steps of the system that I personally use, to process my negative thoughts. In case you missed the first two steps, you can read it here.


I ask myself the question-Is this thought a distraction/barrier/Ego keeping me safe and pulling me away from my goal? If the answer is YES, I proceed to Step-4


I Sit in a quiet place and either say to myself or write in a Note Book. “Ego, I acknowledge you and thank you for showing up. I choose to see beyond the barrier into possibilities. I let go of the need to feel OR get disturbed by the roadblock and ALLOW myself to connect with my Higher self/soul/inner self/authentic self/child like self (whatever you may call it) and take action towards my goal/task of the day.
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After allowing to connect with my soul, I seek Divine Guidance to give/lead me to the next step with clarity.

Now let us take one of the thoughts mentioned in the first paragraph of Part-1 of this article and see how these 5 steps can be applied:

Business related Negative Thoughts

Negative Thought-“My Invoice is not yet paid”


You acknowledge that this is a negative and dis-empowering thought.I am sure you will agree that, it is true.


Now ask the question-Is this thought/feeling really helping to protect/safeguard you and helping you move towards the goal?

The answer is obviously ‘No” You are in a business to offer services/products that you are passionate about and make a profit. You need to be concerned about unpaid invoice and take action.Now proceed to step-3


Is it a distraction/barrier/Ego keeping me safe and pulling me away from my goal? The answer is YES.Your goal is to make a profit in the business and you must be concerned about unpaid invoices. This thought is just a roadblock.


Now make a choice to let go of the need to feel bad/disturbed, as this thought is in the best interest of you/your family/clients. It is OK and ALLOW yourself to connect with the inner child (who always wants to do her/his best until she gets it).This process of allowing can be difficult. It needs practice. I personally use Yoga, meditation, gratitude journal and EFT to help ALLOW this connection to my inner child.


Now seek Divine guidance for revealing the next step. When you do this, you will have solid clarity and positive, guilt free way of taking the next step. You will be completely motivated to pick up the phone/send an email and ask for payment. You will also experience a telepathic connection with the creditor in a feel good/collaborative way to facilitate the payment transaction.

Share Your Comments On Negative Thoughts”

Action Steps:

In the next 5 days, do the above 5 Step exercise when you develop negative thoughts. If it helped you, feel free to share your experience with your family members, friends and clients. NOW I invite you share in the comments section, how you process your negative thoughts.


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