Guest Article How to Make Your First Sale and Beyond

For many reading this article, it is entirely possible that you’ve never made your first sale. You most likely have done almost everything suggested out there on the wonderful world-wide web, and still have yet to convert a single individual. So what is it that makes the biggest difference? What golden nuggets have you missed? Why oh why can’t you reach some level of success? The answer lies in the information below.

Your First Sale Should Mean More Than Money

Whether you want to believe it or not, you just cannot avoid this major game changer forever if you want to make your first sale. Various methods exist online to promote, because of course you need traffic, but you are way off the mark if you neglect to do this one critical factor. This must-have feature is the ability to create a list of your own. Come on, don’t sigh or shake your head. If you are doing either, and have not even attempted to create a list of your own, therein lays your problem!

Without a list of your own, and a carefully built reputation for advocating only the best programs and offers to your handcrafted list, you are destined to remain stuck in an endless cycle of failure. That isn’t to say that your promotions using ezines, articles, social media, banners, and more isn’t worth doing, all methods are, but in the end you must stop handing over your leads and conversions to the other guy.

You must create a way, create a wave, of capturing leads for yourself. After all, it is you doing the promoting, you spending your time, you spending your money, right? Shouldn’t the ultimate payoff result in both sales and a list of your own? (I hope I hear you yelling, “Heck yes!”)

Whether you’ve already made a sale or two (or more) or have never made a single penny, it’s odds on that you are trying to take the short route. You pick whatever, you throw some money at it, yet you never stop and consider that each time you do manage to get a sign up or a sale you have just given away your entire farm. If you did not create a way to add your visitor or sale to your own list, you are flat out crazy. What’s yours is yours, and handing over the life blood of online success to someone else is, sorry, downright stupid.

Your First Sale Is A Thrilling Experience

Okay, the above points out the obvious, but are you still reading? Let’s hope so because your ability to concentrate, educate yourself, and put into practice what you read and learn means everything! Ask yourself, does this sound like you:

“I have been an Internet marketer for about 6 months, and purchased product after product in search of that so-called golden nugget. I have not earned 1 penny off any of my sites or other products that I have bought. I have even tried giving away free items as people have suggested. Nothing works.”

That’s okay. You have just made one whopping, absolutely huge, mistake for the past 6 months, but you can fix that in a flash. With the right method inserted into your marketing, list building, you are going to be wonderfully pleased to find that you will finally be able to provide proof for yourself and those around you that all your hours online have not been in vain. That is, if you follow this advice.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to be able to say:

“Today was like manna from heaven! Just a mere week ago, I stopped thinking I can’t, and started believing I can! I followed this advice about building a list of my own, and best of all I woke up this morning and made my first commission… ever!”

You see the problem isn’t that you aren’t doing all the right things, your problem lies in one simple factor. You are giving away your best resource each and every time you avoid the simple task of setting up a list of your own.

I know from experience that 99 percent of the people reading this article are still going to walk away and never follow through (even though a resource will be given below that will make the whole list building concept a breeze, with other people literally building your list for you). And, my friend, that’s what separates you from the rest of those online who are successfully waking up (perhaps every day) to commission checks.



Michael Breniser builds his list to generate sales, and so can you, through a free, fully hosted, simple process. Your first sale is just around the corner. Watch this 2 minute video and see for yourself just how simple list building and getting your first sale really is!


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