Entrepreneurs-Why Do You Blog?

I want to write my blog post, but something stops me.

Thoughts like…

“You are not good enough, may be readers won’t like it, the information you are sharing is nothing new and on and on..”

Today I decided to do an honest check with my OWN self, to find out “WHY” I started my blog. My head is coming up with several reasons. But I have given myself a time duration of only 20 minutes to write this post.

Why 20 minutes?

My confession to you… Yesterday I spent several hours trying figure out ideas for writing blog posts, and never began writing. Time is a source of power. By spending hours researching and NOT writing my Blog post two things have happened

1. I went AWAY from my Goal of writing my Blog Post.
2. By spending too much time figuring out and NOT beginning at all, I have WEAKENED my power to write.

Hence I committed to create this post, and complete within 20 minutes.

“Coming back to the question, Why I started my Blog?”

There are ONLY three reasons.

1. To help entrepreneurs and Home based business owners with valuable information that I gather, find interesting and use in my business.

2. To Invite and encourage interested readers of this blog to sign up for my FREE Ezine.

3. To Offer our/affiliate products and services.

“Now that my WHY is clear, I will bear this in mind to improve my “Writing Muscle””

While searching for ideas, I bumped into this article “How to Know When to Start Your Own Business (Infographic)”

I encourage you to read it. I can relate to this article and in this article there were two questions.

1. Where were you in your life when you started a business?
My Answer: I started my business, when my employer downsized.

2. Were you afraid? And if so, what did you do to confront that fear?
Yes I was afraid, but the hunger to create consistent income by using my skills and knowledge, exceeded my fear.
An entrepreneur is faced with fear every day. Investing in Personal development and self growth alone will help conquer such fears.


1. Read the article mentioned above and try to answer the two questions.
2. Do you get stuck when it comes to writing your blog post? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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