Entrepreneurs! Here’s A Shortcut For Staying Calm And Centered

One of the things that I mastered after starting my business is to sit down for ten minutes and write every thought that came up.

Every thought, may it be a thing to do, OR something that bothers me OR even unwanted thoughts.

I realized that it did help me keep calm and centered.

Here was the problem..

Sometimes the writing came up as just conversational thoughts and sometimes it would show up as lists.

I Guess it is the emotional brain and the logical brain taking turns to dump their stuff on paper. But it was very liberating and sometimes even empowering for me.

When I was working my 9-5 job, I never had time to do this and never took time to write.

What changed?

After transitioning to an entrepreneur, there was no set time to start the days work. When I got an assignment or a project, I would get excited to perform the task. If not, I would be frustrated. Obviously, it created a disruption my body’s energy system and affected my personal and professional life.

“How did I use my writing to my advantage?”

1. The conversational thoughts that I mentioned above, served as a conversation between Inner-Self/Child-Self/Higher-Self with Outer-Self/Adult-Self. The effect of this was like trashing the unwanted stuff. It made me more centered and I could feel connected to my core.

2. The thoughts that showed up as lists, served as, either To-DO lists OR Check-Lists OR Action Steps. This felt like an Adult self asking the child self to respond with ability, instead of reacting to every thought.

3. The entire piece of writing itself served as a Step by Step Guidance system.

May be this is not a big deal for you.

You might ask..

OK, apart from helping you to stay calm and centered, how did it benefit in your entrepreneurial journey?

“Well, I can be sum it up into five CLEAN benefits”

CClarity of my daily Action Plan

L-Transformation of Lethargy to inspired action

E-Focused Energy in doing one thing at a time

A-Focused Attention in accomplishing each task

NNavigating my journey from morning to evening with clear action steps, regardless of whether I had an assignment/project OR not.

How does writing down your thoughts help you?


  1. says

    My thoughts seem to come in a jumble so I tend to lean too heavily perhaps to my adult side. I think it’s time to let the child out of the box, have some fun, and enhance my creativity.

    Thanks for the post and the reminder! I love your CLEAR concept 🙂

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