Do You Want To Promote Your Business Offline and Online?

When I started my business, I was all excited to get my Business Card printed…

I am not sure about you, but I thought that the Business Card was the ONLY way, I could spread the word about my business.

Which of-course was eventually proved to be wrong..

Over a period of time, it became convenient to do my business online and hence I used my physical Business cards sparingly. When it was time to send Holiday gifts like Magnetic calender, I realized the need for good quality Business cards and obviously I researched online.

I came across Vistaprint.It is interesting to see a variety of Offers/gifts from them for Business Cards. You can learn more here…More importantly, I was amazed to learn that in addition to Business Cards, they also offer help with some of the following products/services that is worth learning about. To quote, herebelow are a few of them:
Website and Marketing materials
Signs and Banners
Photo Gifts, Labels and Stamps
Clothing Accessories, Holiday Products and much more…

After visiting Vistaprint website, my idea of marketing changed completely. I have started adding other products to promote my business.

For an entrepreneur, Vistaprint seems to be a very good resource for creatively promoting his/her business both online and offline. Yet another powerful resource from Vistaprint seems to be their “Marketing Learning Center” that consists of many “How To” Videos, covering very useful topics such as building your contact list, logos, recession proofing your business etc.


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