“The Gratitude Book Project” and what it’s all about  

My entry into the project & why I chose the subject

I have been reading Donna Kozik’s articles on writing a book for quite some time and when I was invited to be a part of her “The Gratitude Book Project”, my joy knew no bounds. First, I am a BIG believer in expressing my gratitude for everything I have and will receive.I practice it every day from the time I get up in the morning till I go to bed.

I also express my thanks in my Gratitude journal and when I do that I feel connected to my core INNER SELF.

This connection keeps me inspired all through the day. As a co-author of the book “The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days”, I have written 10 ways this connection shows up and benefits me and my clients in improving personal and professional life.

“What I learned about gratitude”

While the act of being grateful definitely keeps me fulfilled, during the process of writing my entry for the book, I realized that there are several benefits that I underestimated.

For example, when I express my thanks for every small mundane things like “working out in Gym”, “reaching home safely” etc, my subconscious mind is programmed to feel abundant and look for what is available to thank for MORE and MORE, as against what is NOT available.

It inspires me to become MORE by creatively using what I have and what I do & HAVE more by creating with what I have and do.In short, by being thankful for what I have I get enough to thank.

Each one of us is a unique creation. Each one of us has something to be grateful for. Personally, when I take time every day to be grateful for something by writing in a Journal, I have experienced three major shifts:

1. Healthy relationship with myself and others
2. Shift from LACK mentality to ABUNDANCE mentality
3. Increased sense of well-being, by being optimistic and making responsible choices.

Regardless of personal OR professional life, it is these intangible benefits that, can help us stay on track during tough times.

“How gratitude is a “daily job” that goes on all year long”

I am sure, you will appreciate WHY I consider it important to express gratitude. With that said, how can gratitude be a “daily job” that goes all year long. Every day is a new day and is different.

Some days can make us happy with a sense of achievement. Some days can make us keep us sad. It is not the events, but how we perceive the events, that decides how we feel about ourselves and others.

Our perception is based upon our thoughts. As I mentioned above, the moment we focus and WRITE down thoughts expressing gratitude, we start feeling good about ourselves and others around us.

While I have mentioned how I have benefited, in the book “The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days” about 300 authors have shared their wisdom about expressing gratitude and benefits derived by doing so.I invite you to get your copy here and treat yourself!

The Gratitude Book Project: Celebrating 365 Days of Gratitude gathers together more than 300 co-authors who answered the question “What are you grateful for?”

The Project is now a book found in Amazon.com. Lalitha Brahma of http://www.elbeeservicesllc.com is a coauthor in the book. Find out more about The Gratitude Book Project at http://amzn.to/ZEeAP8.


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