Five Ls To Deal With Negative People

Have you ever got affected by negative people around you? Did you watch a movie or a news clip and felt energy drained? Does the physical clutter around you, hold you from doing the things you WANT to do?

As an entrepreneur and home based business owner, it is very important that you surround yourself with:

1. People who are positive, encouraging and supportive.

2. Information in the form of articles/books/audios/videos that keeps you inspired.

3. Energetically supportive environment.

While we can exercise some control on the information we take in and the environment we choose to be in, it can be challenging to expect everyone to be positive, encouraging and supportive. On the flip side, a negative person can drain your energy and drift you AWAY from your goal.

“Tips To Deal With Negative People”

Hence every day I try to allot a certain amount of time to read a book or an article that empowers me to stay in the entrepreneurial game. When I do take the time and read that article, I get inspired to take action towards my goal. Not only that, I am able to inspire my clients to take action.

I recommend reading an article “7 Ways to Deal with the Negative People in your Life” by Lori Radun that I read recently. While I am a big believer in keeping my own negative thoughts in check, there are five tips that jumped at me while reading the article.

These tips have helped me and my clients stay centered, focused in our entrepreneurial game.

I call it the Five Ls. Here they are…

1. Do not argue, remain silent and LET the negativity pass.

2. Understand that the negative person often has difficulty receiving LOVE from others.

3. Consciously LOOK for some positive quality in the negative person and help her/him uncover it.

4. Don’t try to change the Negative person, but LEARN to detach emotionally from him/her.

5. Enforce very strong boundaries with negative people to overcome the feeling of LACK/LOSER.

“Negative People-Your Input”

Do you have some tips to share? Now it is your turn to share in the comments section below. How do you respond to negative people in your life and business?


  1. muthuvelappan says

    dealing with negative people – it is a good article to manage negative people and also manage our own negativeness in dealing.

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