How To Use An Affirmation When Your Expectations Are Not Met

Expectation is a feeling that something is about to happen.

Have you ever expected something to happen in a certain way?

Have you ever expected to receive a gift OR a promotion and it didn’t happen?

Have you ever expected to get a sale OR signed a contract for a service and it did not materialize?

If you said, YES, then you are not alone. I have been there, my clients have been there. Not once OR twice, BUT

Many times…

“Expectations And Feelings”

When it comes to meeting our expectations, we entrepreneurs/employees/Home based business owners tend to take it personally, right?

You will agree that each individual’s situation may be different. I am sure you and I can come up with several logical ways to explain, why our expectations were not met.

Yes, by reflecting back we can make better decisions in FUTURE. How does it make you feel NOW when your expectations are not met? Just PAUSE reading now and try to remember one such situation and how do you feel about the expected event NOT happening. I don’t know about you. I feel miserable

Having been a employee, Home Based business owner and entrepreneur for several years, ONE thing that has helped me and my clients is to have at least 3 ways to check your feelings, become AWARE, do something about it, in order for you to stay connected to your CORE self and stay in the Entrepreneurial game.

So here is ONE way that I personally use and teach my clients. I know you too will benefit from it.

“Expectations and Affirmation”

I say affirmations aloud in front of the mirror at least thrice a week. As I did not know what to say OR what not to say, I use the book “Meditations To Heal Your Life” by Louis Hay. You can use whatever works for you. Here is the affirmation on “Expectations”

You can listen below………..>

Here are the 3 Benefits that helped me and my clients transform from feeling miserable to feeling happy and centered.

1. My perspective changed from NOT meeting expectations to loving and accepting myself the way I am. Had I not practiced doing affirmations, I would never have thought of thinking this way at all.
The moment we don’t get what we EXPECT, the emotional CHILD self starts feeling helpless and misearble. By doing the affirmation rational ADULT self is doing its BEST to compassionately calm the CHILD self.

2. In my Subconscious mind ( which is the POWERFUL part), I am planting seeds of certain responsible and calming aspects such as, accepting myself the way I am and enjoying the PRESENT moment.

3. I get better and better at processing my feelings, when my expectations are not met.

Now Its Your turn! How do you handle situations, when your expectations are not met?


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