Can An Affirmation Help When Your Energy Level is Low

Energy can be defined in two ways:

“The strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity”.
“A feeling of possessing such strength and vitality”.

Have you ever got up from bed thinking of doing an important activity in your business, but felt totally uninspired to take action?

Have you ever got motivated to do something different, say search for a new job OR start your OWN blog and when it was time to take action, you said to yourself things like…”Will I get hired? Who is going to read my blog?

AND never took action.

Have you ever found yourself backing off when it was time to ask for a raise from your employer OR payment from a client?

If you said, YES, then you are not alone. I have been there, my clients have been there. Not once OR twice, BUT

Many times…

We entrepreneurs/employees/Home based business owners face it all the time, right?

Even though we try to justify by saying things like..

1. Where there is WILL there is way.
2. When we set a goal, we must stay focussed and do the activities to reach the goal.

“Energy And Feelings”

It all boils down to how you FEEL about yourself!

However you and I know that exercising our Will power is easier said than done.

Yes, logical anlaysis OR reflecting back will definitely help us in making better decisions in FUTURE. But how do you feel NOW? PAUSE reading now and recall one important activity that you wanted to do TODAY, but don’t have the strength and vitality to do it. How do you feel? I don’t know about you. I feel like “I am not good enough”.

“Energy and Affirmation”

I teach my clients to come up with at least 3 ways to check their feelings. This may seem trivial, but can go a long way in helping you stay in the Entrepreneurial game.

ONE of the ways is, to say Affirmations in front of the mirror that I personally do and will explain. I know you too will benefit from it.

I say affirmations aloud in front of the mirror at least thrice a week. As I did not know what to say OR what not to say, I use the book “Meditations To Hear Your Life” by Louis Hay. In this case the affirmation is on “Energy”

You can listen

MP3 File

How does it help?

After saying it aloud in front of the mirror

1. When I say the affirmation on “Energy”, I feel connected to my CORE-SELF of HIGHER-SELF and I feel centered. Instead of reacting to my feeling “I am not good enough”, I am able to respond to my feelings and thoughts with my ability in a responsible manner.

2. In my Subconscious mind ( which is the POWERFUL part), I am planting seeds for creating space for loving, optimistic and cheerful patterns to germinate and take roots. This is a completely different perspective, which I would never have thought of, had I not done this affirmation.

3. I get better and better at processing my feelings, When I don’t have the strength and vitality to do what I committed to do.

Now Its Your turn! How do you handle situations, when your energy level is low?

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