What Does The Word “AMUSE” Have Anything To Do With Starting A Business

Have you ever thought of starting a business and a voice said to you, “No, you can’t do that.” OR “You don’t have money.” OR “You are not good enough.”


Well, you are not alone. I have been there. My clients always come up with such doubts and fears whenever they plan on starting a new project OR marketing campaign OR hiring a Service Provider.

Having experienced it myself, I have come up with what is called “AMUSE” system. I use it all the time and so do my clients.

In this post, you can learn how “AMUSE” system helps you start your business. But you can use it for any project that you may want to.


Be honest with yourself. Acknowledge that you do have fear and doubt. Write down OR use an Ipod/Ipad/Voice Recoder to record all your fears and doubts that come up. By doing this you have dumped all your fears and doubts from your head to a device where you can see or hear. It is like defragmenting the hard disk of your computer. You have now created gaps to write your new data about starting your business.


This has been a big challenge for me and still continues to be. There are two reasons. One being, I have never had to market my work when I was an employee and the second, being I associated marketing with pressure tactics. Over a period of time running my business, I realized that it does not have to be that way. You might think that you are in the accounting or software consulting or data entry or coaching business, but actually as an entrepreneur you are marketing yourself as an accountant, Software consultant or a Coach. Hence you must always be willing to explore your uniqueness while being a continuous student of marketing. As a smart marketer, you will able to run a profitable business.


Use your strengths to your advantage. Many of my clients have challenge with this, because they were raised with the belief that to be successful, you must work hard to eliminate your weaknesses. When I train my clients to overcome this belief, I have them explain about five of their skills, that they consider to be their best. Write down the names of people with whom you interacted closely in your jobs and against their name. Write down the compliments you received from them. Review the compliments received. These are your core strengths as perceived by OTHERS and build your business around them.


Leverage your weakness by hiring Service Providers for the tasks that are necessary. Money comes up as a constraint, when it comes to hiring. However this thought should not paralyze you from starting your business. Hiring does not mean you have to spend several dollars. You can explore affordable membership services for your legal and accounting needs. You can use free services initially for your website and email marketing. Social media is yet another free tool, if used systematically, can help you build your visibility.


You have now cleared the energy draining feeling of doubt and fear. You have planted the seeds of thoughts like marketing, strengths, leveraging weakness and so on. Did you get the idea? Now comes the best part. Make a commitment to yourself to STOP worrying when in fear and doubt and explore this system and enjoy the process of building your Enterprise. Start freelancing by doing small projects in elance.com, guru.com, Getfriday, Taskrabbit etc. Keep your mind and body engaged in learning and implementing something every day. You will see money coming in.

Now I invite you to share the thoughts and feelings came up when you were starting your business.


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