What Does Setting SMART Goal and Germination Have In Common?

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I just wrapped up an assigment in Home Study Coaching Program. I also get to be a part of a Forum where we exchange experiences encountered with our clients.Setting goals and staying focussed is something we all found to be challenging.

Here is the lesson I learned. I know you too will benefit from it. plants_pebbles_and_flowers

Set SMART Goals.

By SMART I mean Specific, Measurable, Acheiveble, Realistic and with a Timeline

Let us say, you want to write a blog post. I want to write a blog post, is not a SMART goal.

Let us see how we can turn this into a SMART one!

I want to write a short blog post containing a minimum of 100 words, with OR without an audio, within two business days of making a decision to write.

Here, we are specific about the length of the blog post and can measure our progress using the number of words as a scale.

You have given yourself a timeline of 2 business days after making your decision to write.

You have planted the seeds of writing your blog post.

Just as you water the ground after planting the seeds, you now feed your mind with the contents of the blog post.

The process of germination can be compared to the process of the action that you take, which, in this case is, physically writing your blog post.

We all know, that there is a germination time. You have given yourself a realistic germination timeline of two business days, after making the decision to write.

Stay committed to writing within your timeline.

Your blog post will be ready and will stand out like a beautiful green plant.

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  1. says

    You hit the nail on the head with your article, unfortunately we often get side tracked. These culprits are Facebook, Skype, Tweets, our inbox and of course there is the family dog wanting attention.
    Staying on focus to complete a project is always challenging,
    I find myself removing all distractions and having to lock myself away in my home office. Oh, I more item that always want’s to rear it’s ugly head Procrastination.
    Maybe I am just being lazy, after all when working for yourself
    you can set your own rules, the perks of self-employment!
    Peter recently posted…RI students learn about healthy lifestyle – and donutsMy Profile

  2. Madeleine Sirkoch says

    Thanks, I have recently been looking for facts about this topic for ages and yours is the best I’ve discovered so far.

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