Your Reasons For The Goal Are More Important Than The Goal Itself

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In my previous post, I shared about, how setting goals can be compared with germination.

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When I coach my clients, I get this question

Lalitha, while setting goal, I made sure to set a SMART goal, but something comes in my way. I don’t want to do this anymore.

Can you relate to this type of feeling? I have for sure, especially when I did not know WHY I set that goal in, first place.

Let us consider the same goal that I discussed previously...

“I want to write a short blog post containing a minimum of 100 words, with OR without an audio, within two business days of making a decision to write.”

WHY do you want to write a blog post?

Each one of us may have a reason different from another.

Let me share my personal reasons:

I look for ways to be, have and do as much as possible in a certain period of time while writing the blog post. The key words are

Becoming, Having and Doing…

1. I write my blog post to share the experiences that have helped me, with my audience, and that is readers and listeners like you.

2. When I write my blog post, I get to become better in writing and type faster.

3. I get the feeling of creating something that can impact people all across the globe.

4. Adding quality content consistenly, leads to increased quality traffic to my blog.

In other words I get to become a better writer, do my best to share experiences that can benefit you and have quality traffic come to my blog.

Here is my coaching challenge for you..

whenever you set a goal, big OR small, WHY do you want to achieve the goal? What do you want to be, have and do in the process of achieving the goal?

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  1. Rigoberto Lavigne says

    I normally don’t comment on things like this; however I felt compelled to because your content was so great and researched – Keep it coming!

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