Ten Reasons Why My Clients Blog

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When I shared the post “Entrepreneurs-Why Do You Blog?” in various Social media such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook, and sought comments/answers, it was interesting to learn the reasons why people blog.

While thanking for taking time to read my post, I want to share what my readers have to SAY….

In this post I have summarized TEN reasons shared by readers of the above post

1. Blogging Serves as a Professional Journal

2. Writing helps sort through and makes sense of complex issues.

3. Helps to get feedback from current and prospective clients on the things that they care and are concerned about.

4. Helps connect with clients on a very human level.

5. Blogging is very therapeutic and helps sort through personal challenges.

6. Blogging keeps the blogger vulnerable and humble.

7. Blogging serves as a Creative Outlet for the person who enjoys writing.

8. Helps in Professional learning and improves their Practice.

9. Blogging is a way to share ideas and learn from other people.

10. Blogging helps to see how your perspective shifts or doesn’t.

I welcome you to share your reasons too!

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