Are You Ready To Bid Good-Bye To Year 2013?

When thinking about bidding good-bye to the year 2013, I said,

Why not do an acrostic of “good-bye 2013”?

If you are wondering what does the word “acrostic” mean?

Here is the dictionary definition of the word “acrostic”

“It is a series of lines in which certain letters–usually the first in each line–form a name or message when read in sequence.”

So, let me walk you through my 2013 journey, while bidding good-bye

G-Grateful to the gift of life, my family, friends and clients for giving

O-Opportunity to help uncover what is unconsciously sabotaging you from changing your
thinking and creating money/income/lifestyle through my Discovery Sessions and

O-Overcome fear and

D-Doubt that is preventing you from stepping into your power and apply proven systems

Y-Year after year consistently to

E-Explore the Entrepreneur in YOU by using the skills and expertise

A-Acquired in your life and career to

R-Run a profitable business by incorporating

2-2 (Two) powerful methods of coaching and collaboration and integrating

0-0 (Zero) Noise or “Silence and meditation” to help you take

1-1 (One) step at a time with my

3-3 “(Three) Step Plan To Accomplish Personal and Business Tasks with Ease And Clarity Everyday And Run A Profitable Business.” revealed during my VIP Day Sessions

Here is what one of my VIP Day Client had to say…

“Before The VIP day Session, I used to feel guilty about not being
able to share equal time towards my family, business and social

When I did the specific affirmations that you prepared for me
during the VIP Day Sessions, I felt as though I am being released
out of my bondage to the unknown that is holding me back. It was
very liberating.

The Commitment exercise was very useful and results oriented. When
writing the commitment in my own hand writing and saying it aloud,
I was feeling very true to myself, confident and courageous to
achieve my goal.

At the end of the VIP Day Sessions, I walked away with clear
practical action steps to implement every day in accomplishing my
personal and business tasks without feeling guilty. Each of these
tasks helped me become more productive and create more revenue. I
now have complete clarity in giving attention to my family and work
and take inspired action every day.

Mary K”

Now I challenge you to massage your mind and create your acrostic for “good-bye 2013”

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