How Midlife Women Can Face and Conquer Financial Fears

Guest Post | How Midlife Women Can Face and Conquer Financial Fears, By Darlene Josaphe |
This post originally appeared on February 5, 2014 on Darlene’s blog

In written in September of 2012, we took a close look at five tips regarding stress that comes from financial worries. Paraphrased, they were:

1. Don’t fall prey to spending money thinking it will relieve your stress.

2. Face your situation head on so you can see it clearly and begin to fix your issues.

3. Don’t take investment risks – that’s a surefire way to crank up financial stress.

4. Be open about money issues and problems with your entire family.

5. Make lists, keep a calendar, get (and stay) organized.

Today in 2014, I think we all hoped and expected that things would improve faster. Instead, globally, countries faced even greater challenges as the world seemingly slid toward the abyss.

Listening and reading the news was not helpful (and in many ways still isn’t) if you’re striving toward peace of mind.

Stress management for midlife women, while always there, has reached an apex of sorts. We face not only the tasks repeated over and over, but often the burden of dealing with finances, debt problems, and planning for retirement. All too often handling estates of passed loved ones also falls on our shoulders.

I know your pain and stress. I’m living it every day, too.

So based on all the above, I feel it’s time to revisit ways to keep your sanity and handle any stress money may be causing you.

First acknowledge that we all face stressful challenges daily.

The day-to-day dealings of life are a source of all sorts of stressors, but one in particular usually overshadows the others. This primary stress varies from person to person.

For some, a packed schedule leaves no room to breathe. For others, troubling family issues or health concerns may be of more pressing importance.

But for those living in the lurking shadows of debt, money is first and foremost in their minds.

Do your thoughts tend to wander in that direction from time to time?

It’s no surprise that is one of the most influential stressors out there. Money makes the world go ’round, and not having it can make yours come to a screeching halt.

Food becomes scarcely bought and rationed, clothes become well-worn, and the promise of a roof over your head is brought into question.

Dealing with these perilous issues on a daily basis can have adverse effects on both your mental and physical health alike. Prolonged worry doesn’t stay within the confines of the mind. It spreads out to other regions of the body, resulting in stress-induced symptoms such as high blood pressure and chest pains.

Fortunately, there are ways for midlife women to rid yourself of financial stress.

But fully escaping these worries takes time to accomplish, and proactive planning is of paramount importance. Turning a blind eye to the issues at hand won’t make them any better.

Don’t live in the dark about where you really stand financially. Fearing the unknown can be more stressful than coming to grips with your true financial status.

The only way to overcome your fears is to face them head-on, and that also applies to matters of money. Once the big picture becomes clearer, it’s far easier to get rid of the nagging stresses attached to it.

Be proactive in your research. What the younger generation faces is much different than reaching midlife as a woman.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to start to get your fears under control:

o Download your own free copy of

o Visit your local library and scout around online for resources linked to money management advice.

o Check your local community center for workshops related for financial help focusing in on your current status – midlife.

o Seek out expert opinion wherever you can find it, whether it’s in-person at seminars, or through trusted sources on the Internet.

It can take some serious work to get your finances under control. But the resulting relief from not having to worry about the murkier aspects of money is more than worth the effort.


I am Darlene Josaphe – economist, lawyer, author, publisher, consultant, mentor, internet marketer, solopreneur, , and an aromatherapy and natural health enthusiast. I am passionate about helping midlife women simplify their lives, beat stress, regain balance, and find joy, happiness and inner peace. and let the good times begin!

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