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Content is still at the top of the marketing tools that work. People use the Internet to find information, and articles still provide that. A website without something interesting to read won’t keep its followers for very long. The challenge of article marketing is freshness. If you don’t write about the latest developments within your niche market, someone else will get the jump on you and take your audience as well.

To get the most out of your content (blog posts, social media posts, standard articles and longer pieces) you need to optimize it. That means using appropriate keywords in the title, subheadings, meta tags, and anchor text and image captions. Don’t forget to add images where applicable to enhance your writing.

By becoming a prolific content creator, you establish as an expert in your business arena. If you are a member of the social site Google+, you can try Google Authorship. Attach your written content to your profile with a tag. In search engine results, your picture will appear next to your content as well as your Google+ stats. Searchers can see you as well as read your work.

Content Marketing To Attract Readers

Here are a few tips to help get your work read by others:

  • Use numbers in titles to catch the eye (i.e., “5 Ways to Grow Your Business Every Day”)
  • Keep paragraphs down to about three to five sentences each
  • Use subheadings to break up paragraphs for easier reading
  • Always use a bio or resource box to link to your business website
  • Strategically place articles around your website to encourage readers to explore further
  • Share articles on social media sites
  • Write guest blog posts for other sites
  • Invite your readers to reprint your content, as Nicole Dean does on her site


Creating content can be a full-time job in itself. If writing is not your forte, consider hiring a ghostwriter or content creation firm. They can create content for your blog or website, as well as assisting with email marketing, landing pages, press releases and more. You can – and should – provide keyword research for them to utilize within the articles.

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