Video Marketing as a Marketing Strategy

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It’s important to note that many people are visual learners. They won’t read a blog or article no matter how well-researched and written. They process information by looking at it. You can satisfy this need and expand your reach by creating videos. You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment or training to make videos, just an idea and a camera. In fact, your smart phone or web cam will do it perfectly!

That’s maybe a little simplified, but you get the idea. Videos can feature you discussing topics related to your business market. Viewers become more familiar with you and what you do. Videos can also feature just your voice-over expertise with the use of a slideshow or animation. You might also add music in the background and fancy effects.

Here are a few things to remember with videos:

  • Practice beforehand to gain confidence with the material – The more you practice, the more seamless your performance will look to the audience.
  • Watch other business videos to see what is trending on video sites – Do a bit of research to find out what types of videos people are watching right now.
  • Include your business information and links in all videos – Always include links to your business site as well as other contact information within the videos.
  • Promote your videos – Market your videos on YouTube and other social sites with relevant SEO tags, descriptions and headlines. Link to videos on your website.
  • Get your message across – Through images and words, persuade people to use your services by creating an experience and a story in your videos. This is a good rule of thumb whether you are creating a “how-to” video tutorial, a commercial to advertise your business or a video that demonstrates the benefit of your services.

Videos continue to be the future of marketing. Use them to connect with your target audience.

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