Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy

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As a service provider, customers are your lifeblood. Without them, there is no one to take advantage of your expertise. Many companies get it wrong. They think about customer satisfaction from a defensive position instead of approaching it from the offensive. When you make customer service a priority, your business and brand will benefit, and your satisfied customers will do much of your marketing for you.

Here are few tips to incorporate Customer Service as a Marketing Strategy

  • Create reader friendly content – Don’t speak over your reader’s heads. Keep wording simple but use relevant keywords.
  • Include a FAQs page on your website – Many questions are simple to answer, so empower customers and clients to find those answers themselves through simple navigation.
  • Train your employees – Whether you operate virtually or offline, everyone that works for your business in some capacity needs to know how to handle customer situations in a standard way. This provides continuity and confidence on the part of your customers.
  • Provide methods for customer feedback – This can be polls or surveys on your website or social media sites, as well as email links to surveys. Use the data to fine tune your processes to provide improved service.
  • Study the competition – How are other successful enterprises handling the issue of customer service?
  • Customer incentives – Encourage repeat business with customer or client referral discounts and email offers.

Providing quality customer service is just as important as providing a sound product or service, so be sure you’re considering your reputation in this area in everything you do, both online or off.

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