Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business? Put the Past into Perspective – and Words

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Establishing credibility is not only important, but can be a challenging task when transitioning from and employee to an entrepreneur.

Before you can create credibility as an expert, you have to understand what it is – and what it isn’t. You also have to understand that the definition changes according to the field you are operating within. If you are in any academic or scientific field, for example, University degrees don’t even begin to count until you achieve your doctorate (or at least a master’s degree). All work has to completely original. You cannot “re-purpose” any work unless you cite all your previous uses (in a specific format). And so forth.

If you are running a blog about Burmese cats, nobody cares if you have a doctorate. They do care whether or not you know Burmese cats – and it helps if you have one (or have previously owned at least one) yourself. But tell them that Burmese cats have short, bushy tails and are ginger and white – and all credibility is gone.

When you get right down to it, credibility means that you are believable – and you deliver the goods that prove this. It’s about knowing how to communicate and connect most effectively and directly so that your ideal clients or customers unhesitatingly know you are the best person to help them in your niche.

Put the Past into Perspective – and Words

People will tell you that it takes years to build up credibility – and to a point, that’s true: But think back to experts who you gave your trust to. Was there anyone who gained your trust and interest instantly? Did you find yourself either wishing you were exactly like that professional – or that you could be coached by her? If so, take out a notepad and detail exactly what happened – and why you felt the way you did.

Don’t just remember your introduction to this expert – make actual notes about:
• What caught your attention?(Was it an example? A statement? Someone talking about exactly what you needed right that moment?)
• What you felt? (Be as detailed as possible, no matter how self-conscious or silly that makes you feel.)
• What that person offered? (And how much it resonated with you.)
• What you bought? (And why you bought it.)
• How well was it delivered. (Was it the solution that was promised? Did you get at least one valuable, tangible “gem” from it that made your life better in some way?)
• How hard you had to work to continue the relationship? (Did you remember who that person was, the next time they emailed? Did their follow-up email come after an interval that felt natural? Were you eager for more?)
What most likely stands out in your mind, if you remember an expert like this, might well be that the connection was instant.
And now the most important question – the one that directly relates to your field of expertise:
• Why was the connection instant?

Take some time and answer these questions.

In the next post we will help you determine the Credentials you need to succeed.

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