Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business? Your Audience

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To prove credibility, you have to totally understand your particular, unique audience – and those who search and live online generally.
Consumers have gotten better at spotting phonies, which means they require more proof (or more solid proof).

On the other hand, barriers to online purchasing have dropped. While online security continues to be an issue of concern, there is no longer a huge fear preventing the majority of shoppers – particularly those with cell phones – from parting with credit card information on line.
Some things haven’t changed: You will always get the odd customer who purchases a product and instead of asking for a refund, lodges a protest with PayPal.

You will always get the odd client who insists on looking over your shoulder or micro-controlling every step of a project; then complains about cost overages.

These are the human character traits and cultural trends you have to take into account, anticipate and plan for, when setting up your services and website. The more thoroughly you can anticipate, the better you can prevent misunderstandings or dissatisfaction – and happy clients and customers mean better testimonials and better recommendations.

Better recommendations means greater credibility – while complaints (no matter how unjustified) undermine your precious reputation.

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