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Hi there, My name is Lalitha Brahma, CEO of Elbee Services, LLC. I coach home-based business owners, consultants, and small business owners through inspiration and motivation with an eye fixed on improving their bottom line. With a 21-year history as an Indian Nationalized Bank Management team member and in Corporate America, I am passionate about providing individuals and business owners with the knowledge necessary to transform their lives and their businesses.

My personalized coaching focuses on profits not revenue, and enables people from all walks of life to go from employer-dependent paycheck to life-altering, self-sufficient, profit-pulling entrepreneurship. I am also a mother and wife with two adult children.

Here are some ways I have helped my clients improve their profits and lifestyle:

1. When an immigrant sought help with Green Card filing, I helped co-ordinate the Green Card process between employee, employer and the Lawfirm. Based upon my experience of working in a Lawfirm and Corporate America in the field of Immigration, I am blessed with the ability to get to the heart of the matter, understand from each ones perspective and make the entire process smooth for employee, employer and Lawfirm.

2. When my clients sought help with identifying an attorney for their legal challenge, I dug deep to learn their needs, identified and lead them to the Legal Plans to protect their life, family and business.

3. When my clients needed help with coaching in their personal and business life, I borrowed wisdom from investments made in my own education and experience as an employee, entrepreneur and human-being and coached them to grow their business and have better lifestyle.

I invest in myself consistently through Business coaching/personal development programs from mentors like Ali Brown (Marketing Mastery), Mark Joyner(Simpleology), Kendall SummerHawk(VIP Day Secrets), Gary Craig (EFT) and share their wisdom in my teaching and coaching.

I am sure you want to know what my clients have to say..

You may read the testimonials at http://www.elbeeservicesllc.com/testimonials/ to learn more about how I have helped.

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