Happy Thanksgiving and my Gift to you!


“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” William Arthur Ward

Thank YOU

As Thanksgiving Day is approaching, I take this opportunity to be thankful to you for giving me an opportunity to serve you either through one OR more of these:

1. Being a part of Elbee Services, LLC Ezine, as a subscriber/Reader.
2. Being a Participant of my Discovery Session.
3. Being a student of my 1 on 1 Coaching.
4. Being a Valuable Service Provider.
5. Being a Well wisher and sharing your comments and providing valuable Input.
6. Being member of Legalshield.
7. Being a part of Simpleology Project. http://smplg.com/m/205 http://smplg.com/m/327 http://smplg.com/m/340
8. Encouraging and inspiring me to learn songs in my own way (without being judgmental) and explore my singing skills. http://lalithasongs.blogspot.com
Happy Thanksgiving to you , your family, your employees, clients and Service Providers.

My Gift…

I would like to gift you two Special Reports that have impacted my clients/friends/women entrepreneur!

1. “21 Ideas to STOP wasting time and START, Grow, Engage and Monetize Facebook Groups” Get it here…> http://forms.aweber.com/form/66/678931766.htm

2. “How To Market Your Business In 30 Minutes A Day” Get it here…> http://forms.aweber.com/form/18/1707038018.htm

You can claim either one or both!

With Best Wishes for you to attract Abundance and stay Safe!

Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business? Determine What Credentials You Need to Succeed

Prefer To Listen

Before reading this, I invite you to read the post “Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business? Put the Past into Perspective – and Words” and answer the questions mentioned therein.

Your answer to the last question “Why was the connection instant?‘ immediately determines what you need to attain credibility. If you answered that connection was instant because that particular research chemist is doing the job you want to do, you do need credentials such as doctorates and degrees.

If you answered about the Burmese cat owner, “her problem with Tipsy exactly described the weird situation I’m going through with Rollo right now” then you aren’t interested in her credentials: You want to know her solution – and you’re reassured that she experienced it with her own Burmese cat.

If you are trying to enter a field where certain professional organizations hold control, you need to show your readers that you are a member in good standing – and the more acknowledgement you have from that organization in the way of awards and accreditation, the more reassured your specific target market will feel.

So take your notepad and write down what type of “credentials” you need for your particular field:

• Degrees
• Certificates
• Accreditation
• Personal experience
• Practical, working experience

If you are having trouble narrowing this down, I invite you to read the post “Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business? Certification and Credentials – Are they Necessary?”

If not, get ready to equip yourself with these.

I value your input. You can do it in two ways.

1. Just scroll up and click comment button and share your thoughts.
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