Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business-Reassurance

Prefer To Listen

In our previous posts, we covered about honest, current profile photos – and about using videos, so that people can see how you operate in “real time”.

There are other ways to provide reassurance – a big part of credibility building – to your target audience.
Let’s take a look at three of the easiest and most important ways to provide reassurance:

1. Delivery

To build credibility, deliver exactly what you promised and make sure it easily does exactly what you said it would. It really is as simple as that.
Don’t include nasty little surprises such as “you can only solve your big problem if you upgrade to my Big Ticket Product”. If you promised your Little Ticket Product would do A, B and C, then under no circumstances just give your customer A and B – and then force them to upgrade, to receive C!
If you provide upsells, make sure they are presented as options for people who want more.
And it’s always a grand thing if you provide more than they asked for, but it’s not strictly necessary as long as “what you promised” more than delights. In fact, avoid bombarding your customer with dozens or hundreds of other “bonuses” – particularly when these:
• Are not directly related to the product your customer bought
• Do not add to or enhance the product your customer bought
• Require individual sign-ups for each bonus
The problem with the latter condition is that your customer may not have time and/or may become slightly confused. Your original product may actually get lost in the dozens of sign up windows. Or your customer may become distracted and just decide to “close everything for later” – including the product they bought from you.
Better to include one or two absolutely relevant, knock-out

2. Testimonials, Referrals and Recommendations

One of the best ways to build credibility is to let others do it for you.
Make it easy for your customers or clients to recommend you.
Use calls to action. Ask for referrals. This becomes easy when you make asking for referrals…
• Part of your habits and patterns
• Part of your contracts or sales agreements
• Easy – by placing a “Tell others about this product” call to action over your share buttons
• Part of your literature and presentations
• Part of your website

3. Customer Service

You’ve made the sale: Now you need to focus on follow up and customer service. Nothing destroys easily-won, enthusiastic trust quite as completely as a big let-down after purchase.
We’ve already talked about making the product download and utilization/implementation processes easy for your clients – but make sure you provide them with multiple, efficient, easy options for customer service too.
That includes helping your client or customer to…
• Easily access your site
• Find information she needs to find – quickly
• See instantly how to contact you, should she need to
• Understand how you (or your representative) will respond – and know how long she will have to wait before her issue is resolved
Outsourcing your customer service to someone who specializes in fast service and turnaround is a sensible option if you are selling many units of product, or serving clients to your maximum limit.
But you need to also introduce your clients and customers to that representative – and let them know how to reach her, positioning her as your own expert. You need to help instill trust in your representative – to boost your own credibility.
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Do You Struggle With Creating Credibility As An Expert In Your Online Business-Authenticity

If you want to build credibility, people have to feel that they can trust you absolutely. Speaking to them with your whole focus on them and their needs is only the first step in making sure this trust develop.
Here’s how you can develop it further:

1. Be Transparent
If you don’t know the answer to something, say so, simply and plainly: Then either promise to find out, giving a date you’ll do this by; or refer them to another industry peer who can help them.

2. Build your Reputation
People also need to know:
• What you stand for
• What they can count on you to provide
• What you can help them with
• What you won’t do
This means you need to know these things too – and live by them.

3. Learn to Listen
What makes someone trust another person? Many things: But high on the list is “feeling that the expert you’re talking to cares”.
Surprisingly, too many experts undermine themselves in this area by not actively listening. Instead, they’re too busy thinking of the perfect thing to say (and anticipating what the person they are talking to is trying to share). The result? The person talking to them feels cut off when the “expert” begins to talk over top of them, anxious to dispense his knowledge.
That person may feel unheard, belittled, “boring” or any other variety of negative emotions.
Really listen. Remember, you may have heard the identical question or problem five hundred times before, but it’s new to your questioner.
Real listening involves:
• Acknowledging
• Mirroring back
• Re-stating the person’s main point, if necessary, to ensure you’ve got it right
• Waiting till your questioner has finished speaking before offering your ideas
And while you’re busy being authentic, do make sure you use professional-quality profile photos on all your sites and social platforms (preferably versions of the same photo). Make sure your photo is current and updated regularly too: There’s nothing like letting your audience meet you in person and discover someone 90lbs. heavier and twenty-two years to that perfect profile photo to bewilder and disappoint your audience.
Know your mission. Know your values. And don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know – but I can find out…”

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