My Gift To You…

It is a long weekend.

Are you planning to go out of town OR will you have some one visiting you?

Either ways, I thought of you and want to GIFT you a Home Work assignment.

I know you might say…


No, I WANT you to know what is cluttering your mind and slowing you down..

So go ahead and download my GIFT  here….> Tolerations-Clear-Your-Mind

Just write down everything…

NOW comes the cool part..

1. You can print and put your completed chart somewhere obvious – so you can refer to it as the week progresses?


2. Email it to me and I will see if I can help you overcome at least two of your Tolerations.

As always I am committed to inspiring and MOVING you to action towards your goal!


What Are The Advantages Of Working From Home?

Prefer To Listen

In my post ” Your Reasons For The Goal is More Important Than The Goal itself
I explained about the importance of keeping in mind, what you are becoming, having and doing in the process of pursuing your goal.

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Here is a question from my Ezine reader:

” What are the advantages of working from home?

What seems to be an advantage for a person, need not be so for another person.

Based on my own experience of working from home for over ten years, I can sum it up like this:

As always, my reason to work from home was more important than just the aspect of working from home. While I was in Corporate America, I used to aspire working from home, but at that time telecommuting was not an option. When my employer downsized, my aspiration was fuelled with reasons for working from home. Hence I ventured into self employment:

Let me quote a few reasons:

1. I wanted to be able to attend to my children’s needs without feeling guilty of taking permission from my employer.

2. I wanted to transform the obstacle of losing a job to an opportunity of exploring self employment.

3. I wanted to really see for myself, not prove to others, if it is possible to work from home and have a profitable business.

While staying foused on what I wanted, I realized the following advantages in working from home:

1. I was able to give quality time to my children, emotionally and physically.

2. I was able to create and follow my own time schedule, not only for working, but also for personal and professional development at my pace.

3. I was able to become more resourceful with minimum resources, when situations demanded.It helped me raise my self esteem and TRUST my Higher Self.

4. The value of profits generated by investing the money, time and effort while working from home was way more than not working from home. The key words here are Value, money, time and effort.

5. I will end with an important NOTE and that is,

a) It requires a lot self discipline and

b) You must loveand accept yourself the way you are, no matter, whether you make money, wear professional attire, be in the physical work environment OR NOT.

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