How To Get Your Confused Mind To Make Clear Decisions In Your Life And Business?

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What is confusion?

Confusion is a state of being that can show up as disorder or upheaval or chaos.

What is clarity?

Clarity is the state of being clear, having freedom from ambiguity, having clearness as to perception or understanding.

Why is it important to transform confusion to clarity?

Every day we are required to make simple but powerful YES or NO decisions. Decision is an act of making up ones mind. It is the single act that can move you to next step in any thing you do. As you can see a chaotic confused mind can never make a decision. However, the moment you are clear about the status of a situation OR what to do, you can make a firm YES Or NO decision to address the situation OR to do the thing or not.

How to transform confusion to clarity?

1. Whenever you see disorder or feel confused, you tend to be afraid and avoid taking action. First notice and become AWARE that your confused mind cannot make a decision. Rarely do we take time to acknowledge, when we are in a state of confusion. The key here is to become AWARE and take responsibility for transforming confusion to clarity.

2. Take three deep breaths and say to yourself ” I am thankful for my awareness and choose to LET GO of the need to be in the state of confusion and ALLOW myself to step into a state of clarity by asking and answering empowering questions.”

3. Write down your answers to the following questions.
a) What is the one thing that I fear now that is stopping me from taking action?
b) What if this thing was not true OR is no longer important to me?
c) What is the ONE tiny action can I take now to move forward?

I personally use this method to transform confusion to clarity and have seen my clients liberate from fear of unknown and take inspired action towards their goal. Now I would like to know how you handle yourself when you are in a state of confusion.

Will Some One Pay For My Skills/Expertise?

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Have you ever got excited about doing something valuable in your business and got stuck? It could be, offering your services and charging for the same or selling your own product or someone else’s product as an affiliate. The first question that comes up is What is the guarantee that my expertise or services or product will produce revenue? Will someone pay for my service?

As soon as we ask ourselves this question, we get hung up from moving forward. I have been there several times.

When you have a job you do not go through the pain of making these decisions, because your employer takes care of them. In fact as entrepreneurs, we experience this moment almost every day. I teach my clients what is called C(Choices)D(Decision)A(Action) system.

Let us say, your employer no longer needs you and you were forced to become self-employed. You could make one of these choices:

Explore Your Choices

Choice #1: You may choose to completely stop using your skills and expertise, by beating yourself up and believing that you are not good enough.

RESULT: You are coming in your own way of your personal and professional growth. This is a closed mindset and will definitely not help in creating revenue.

Choice #2 You may list and write down all the skills and expertise that helped you grow professionally in your job. Instead of worrying about not attracting a perfect job, offer your services to several business owners who are looking for your skills and expertise.

RESULT: You have opened up possibilities for yourself. You have given yourself permission to work and enrich your gifts, which in this case are your skills and expertise used in your job. In your mind, you have planted a seed of revenue producing opportunity.

Make a Decision

In this case, obviously, going with the second choice is definitely the best one, because this is an empowering mindset to create revenue.

Take Three Step Action

1. Have an invincible mindset that keeps you going no matter what. Create systems to keep you going despite the difficulties that cause most people to quit.

2. Create a system to share your expertise/skills with your prospects and clients. You can use Ezines, Discovery Sessions, Articles, Blogs, Teleseminars, Webinars etc.

3. Create a system to turn your knowledge into marketable content and sell them as products or services. You do this by creating and selling as ebooks, Audio Programs, 1 on 1 consultation, Workshops etc.

Now it is your turn…

I invite you to share your comments below