Discovery Session

Welcome to Your New Life!

I am glad you are willing to step outside what could be called your “comfort zone” and explore new avenues, new tools, new ways to IMPROVE YOUR LIFE.

I do know that you are here for a reason.

Whether you have family issues, personal issues, business issues, or just need to get back in touch with your true purpose, NOW is the time to address your needs.


When we do not allow ourselves the chance to “clear the air” and “start fresh” we find ourselves stuck; doomed to keep repeating these old issues and unable to move forward and climb to the next level.

Is A Discovery Session Right For Me?

Numerous individuals have already taken charge and made their decision to remove barriers and move forward. Tired of life the way it was, they took ACTION. Here are just a few examples/reasons why you’ll find a 30 minute FREE Discovery Session with me extremely valuable – in fact, a life-changing experience!

1. Lalitha, I am your Ezine reader. In your Ezines, you explain about affordable Legal Services and how it helps protect families and businesses. Even though I understood the concept and saw a great value in the services, I had specific issues related to my family and/or business, that I wanted to discuss with you and learn how you can help. Hence I Scheduled for your 30 Minutes FREE Discovery Session.

2. I bought your Ebook/Audios. I got motivated and inspired to take ACTION… But I got stuck with self limiting beliefs/procrastination/feeling NOT good enough. I did not know WHY? Hence I signed up for your 30 Minutes FREE Discovery Session.

3. I am a Mom, self-employed and WANT to enjoy Entrepreneurship. I thought, I had the determination and the ability to be a successful and fulfilled Entrepreneur. But every small family event/nagging thoughts/negative emotions, stared at me like a HUGE boulder. I felt like I was pressing BOTH the Accelerator/gas pedal and the Brake of my CAR at the same time, which I know is NOT good, but did not know WHY I felt that way? Hence I signed up for your 30 Minutes FREE Discovery Session.

4. I just lost my job/retired from my job/may lose my job. I WANTED to operate my OWN business. I was having a confused mindset of WANTING to be my OWN boss, but afraid of entering the UNKNOWN arena of Entrepreneurship/self-employment. I realized that I needed help with understanding the mindset shifts needed to transition from an employee to an Entrepreneur/self-employment. Hence I signed up for your 30 Minutes FREE Discovery Session.

Rediscover or Uncover Your True Potential

If you can identify with ANY one of the above categories, or by reading have acknowledged you have barriers holding you back that aren’t even listed, then YOU definitely need my FREE 30 minute DISCOVERY SESSION.

Every FREE session is one-on-one, person-to-person, and I will ensure you identify your BLOCKS and AND reveal what specific ACTION Steps will help you achieve your GOAL.

How To Schedule Your FREE Discovery Session

It is so easy to schedule your FREE 30 minute Discovery Session. Please schedule by answering simple questions below:


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Congratulations! You’ve made the BEST DECISION in your choice to TAKE ACTION TODAY.

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Again, your Discovery Session is highly confidential, completely private, and FREE!

I look forward to “speaking” with you very soon!

Lalitha Brahma