Guest Article | How To Conquer That Infamous Opt In

Everywhere you turn, anywhere you look every single internet marketer will either tell you, show you, and have the infamous opt in form. So what’s a person like you, without a website, as an affiliate marketer only, going to do? The solution is easy, you let someone else build that opt in list for you; let someone else do your recruiting for paid signups for you.

What’s Up With That Opt In Anyway?

Common sense alone tells us that when we get a visitor to our web site, we give that visitor the opportunity to leave his or her information. We do this in several ways including:

o Offering something for nothing
o Providing access or a “peek inside”
o Optimize the landing page so they just have to know what’s coming next.

The problem is that while all of the above typically gets the opt in you need, the only person benefiting from that opt in is usually the owner of the company. However, that does not preclude the absolute must that must happen. You, as an affiliate marketer in particular, really need that visitor to want to leave their information. In fact, getting the opt in is your lifeline, life’s blood, to being successful online.

The Downside to the Opt In Upside

Recruiting paid sign ups is not as easy as most marketers would like you to believe. Do it wrong, and you’re undeniably spinning your wheels and wasting money. Paying for leads is nothing short of letting some company do your spamming for you. Repeat after me, “There is no such thing as a targeted lead.”

The exception to that statement is, of course, having your visitor land on your page and deliberately signing up. Then, and only then, do you have the lead or sale you need. The only way for that to happen is to strategically align yourself with the right upline; someone who is willing and able to help you get the traffic you need.

There’s no mystery to the saying, “Two heads are better than one.” In fact, the more team work that takes place online the better. This isn’t to say you should just sit back and let things happen for you. Instead you use the team-playing system in combination with your own efforts as you promote and go for that opt in. After all, the more online promotion the better, and the right individual as your upline does not charge for that assistance.

Opt In Heaven

With teamwork, the infamous need for an opt in is more manageable. No longer are you the lone affiliate marketer trying to do everything for yourself. With the proper person positioned above you, willing and able to go that extra mile to help you succeed, you’ll find the internet is not such a strange, scary, and frustrating place.

And, once that first opt in arrives, you are positioned to let your sign ups know they have joined the right team. A team that works hard to get all team members that opt in they, too, must have – that’s how that compensation plan really works.



Joseph Cotroneo is a professional paid signups recruiter specializing in helping those in his downline. Discover which program Joseph recommends (for less than $10) and rest assured, under the right individual, the help you need with your opt in strategy is in place and ready to go to work for you.