Guest Article | What Free Online Courses Can Teach You

Unfortunately, and all too often, people miss great opportunities (like free online courses) due to their belief that if you don’t pay through the nose, the training cannot be that good. Perhaps their disbelief is valid when it comes to more recent material put up online. However, revisiting the old often yields greater fruits. For any marketer who has been around long enough, you know that often the wise person turns and returns to the classic-style. That’s where choosing the best free online courses has the advantage.

Free Online Courses Master’s Style

There is a reason some make it online and other don’t. In the rush to “stay ahead of the curve” many miss opportunities. You, too, may believe that something or someone’s material is “old hat” and not worth investigating.

You would be dead wrong.

The idea of using the internet to allow you to leave your day or night job behind, and stay at home still pulling in income did not start with your imagination. The true “masters” had a jump start on people like you and me years ago. Some masters have been around for five years and longer. These are the people you need to follow; these individuals have the real knowledge you need. And, lucky for the rest of us, these masters made a habit of putting together plenty of free online courses, packed full of what we need to learn.

Your chance to grab up these “never go out of fashion,” free online courses when they are offered is a chance you should not miss. Who better to give you advice, training, material, and more, than an individual who started long before the idea of staying home entered your head? The saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” most definitely applies in your situation.

The Now Versus The Then Free Online Courses

Back in the days of yore, the individuals who mastered the concept of making money from home freely shared their real knowledge with any and all who would take the time to listen. Remember, the whole money-making idea was a brand new concept. These masters were excited to not only show the world the possibilities, but wanted desperately to help others. And they did by giving away free online courses.

Nowadays, free online courses are mere come-on’s designed not to train you, but to hook you into the next product. It wasn’t until recently that the idea of up selling and down selling was introduced. Today’s “master” spends more time driving their potential student away through all these shenanigans than making any attempt to really teach you what you need so badly to know. They have forgotten, or never really put down, their roots. Recent years reveal an entirely different idea of who thinks of him or herself as a “master.”

The worst part for you is that even if someone does manage to put together a semi-decent system of training, they lack a real “free online courses” offer, choosing instead to give you just a trial period. Of course, they also tell you how easy it is to get your money back if you’re not happy. The sad thing is, most like you won’t be happy.

Old-School Free Online Courses

Today’s wannabe at-home entrepreneur isn’t even aware of a simple fact; nothing has changed that much online in the past 10 years. Those free online courses of yester-year are as valid, and even more informative, than most presented as “brand new” material today. In fact, most of today’s free online courses are merely a change in packing and name. After all, it’s what you’re taught, right?

Mastering the internet is tough enough; producing income by having to dole out tons of it yourself, first, is ridiculous. It is your choice; pay for the information or get it free.

Free online courses by the true stayed-the-course masters teach you how to:

o Sell and/or price your products
o Use offline resources for online gains
o Create irresistible offers no one can refuse
o Make your marketing easier and more effective
o Stop wasting your money, and
o Much more.

Stop, think, and consider. Would you really learn how to sky dive from a novice or would you search out a top-notch sky diving instructor? The answer is the same for learning how to achieve your goals online.

This nonsense that you have to pay first to learn is beyond silly, especially in these economic times. Search for, download, and apply the material available from the non-flashy masters. Their free online courses are worth millions.


Debra Moore is a high school teacher pursuing her dream of making money from home. She’s mastering her goals by using only the best of the best free online courses. Debra is happy to share this material with you, too, just like the old days. Visit Marketing With Purpose and grab your free online courses today.