Guest Article | How To Get Free Things Real Totally Free Stuff

If you had your choice between getting free things every week or using coupons (that only take a portion off the overall full price), which would you choose? We both know the answer to that question, but it needs asking. Really… free things – tangible items the same as coupons provide – versus mere discounts? It’s almost as if this article could stop right now because I’d be seriously worried if you picked coupons over free things, wouldn’t you?

Groupon Is Successful But “That Free Thing” Is Coming

This is a review actually of a new website that is already one of the hottest commodities on the internet today called That Free Thing. But first, just so the difference is crystal clear, let’s take a glance at “Groupon” and its over 43,000,000 members. Let’s compare the differences shall we?

Forty three million people get discounts on Groupon daily. But we are talking coupons not free things. Coupons. In addition, to make money on top of discounted savings, you have to jump through hoops and use a third-party, Commission Junction, to try to qualify to become an affiliate where the pay is roughly 2%. Big whoop.

Free Things Plus That Free Thing Is Changing The Landscape For Revenue Earning Potential

Clearly if you want to not only get free things for yourself, family, and friends, you most likely also want to make money at the same time. That’s one of the reason’s why you have made it this far into this article. There is always the opportunity to make money when someone announces a new product. This is no different.

Unlike the other program discussed above, That Free Thing works with the wonders of the forced matrix. To fully understand the term forced matrix, you need to understand that, as long as you join the program, your position is set in stone. Whether you refer others or not, it’s possible that spillover could begin to fill positions under you over time. It’s an unstoppable force. Therefore, you do not have to tell a soul; but of course you are going to want to – who wouldn’t?

Understanding HOW Making Money Online Works Even With Free Things

With Groupon, if someone doesn’t spend money (and use your coupon) you don’t make a dime. With That Free Thing, you always get free stuff. Not discounts, not 10% off, but full-fledged, outright free stuff each and every week even as a completely free member.

However, here’s the fun part. That Free Thing offers you two choices:

o Join for free and benefit solely getting five (5) free things weekly, or (your truly smart move)

o Join, upgrade for a mere $25 enrollment and tiny $10 a month, and let the party begin!

By becoming a full-fledged member, and making use of that wonderful forced matrix, there are up to eight (8) levels that fill up beneath you. To cut to the chase, with a fully completed matrix, your monthly income becomes $7,280.40. And, all the while, you’re getting free things!

Don’t Sigh Free Things Plus Revenue is Huge

Chances are you have joined matrix programs before only to wonder, “Where’s my share?” You most likely have also heard the statement “no sponsorship required” only to see that fall on its face, too. The reasons for that are simple:

o It truly does depend on what team you join

o It matters whether or not you choose to remain a free member with the benefits of receiving totally free things, or

o You understand the concept of being an active, low subscription member, to not only get even more free things weekly, but money, too.

My evaluation of this program was easy. When you see the full potential, get your timing right, and have options suitable for all, don’t hesitate! Jump in with both feet!



David Reid is one of the top producers in That Free Thing. Important Note: The team you join makes a big difference! As a team, visiting the site, you may see someone else’s name, no worries. Grab your spot now if you love to get free things or you love to get free things and make money – join us now!