I love to interview experts in Entrepreneurship, Self Improvement and marketing to learn about their barriers and breakthroughs.

Here are the Interviews:

Interview With Donna Marie Thompson

I met Donna through Twitter and after visiting her website wanted to interview her to learn about her OWN true story of bouncing back from loss and share it with my audience. I want you to have a pen and paper handy, as her tips can help you bounce back from any loss faster and easier. In case you are wondering who Donna Marie is…

Donna Marie Thompson, PhD is a best-selling author, speaker, and popular blogger dedicated to helping people BOUNCE BACK better and faster.   Her recent book, BOUNCING BACK FROM LOSS:   How To Learn From Your Past, Build The Present, And Transform Your Future, is a best seller. She also was a contributing author for the nationally acclaimed best-selling anthology: Bouncing Back – Thriving in Changing Times along with Wayne Dyer, John Assaraf, Brian Tracy, and David Riklan.

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