Overcome Your Business Success Barrier

My name is Lalitha Brahma, and I was a hard core salaried business employee for over 21 years. In November 2002, when my employer downsized, I lost my job. My colleagues always encouraged me to start my own enterprise and that is how I was motivated to become an entrepreneur. I was pretty confident about delivering services virtually and earning income, but I had the fear of managing myself without an assured income and that is Regular Paycheck.
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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

Business Beliefs That Hold Us Back

My problem was I had the following beliefs:

o Business is not for me, I cannot do business and I do not have the skills.

o I must have a large capital for doing business

o My family life will suffer, if I get into business.

o I will need the support of Business Consultants, Lawyers and CPAs that are expensive to hire.

o I must be creative, intelligent and very influential to operate my own business.

To my surprise this was not totally true.

These were my beliefs and I had to work on changing my beliefs. I went from having a business loss in the first year to five figure profit in the 4th year. I broke my Regular paycheck barrier during the 4th year of my business.

It doesn’t have to take 4 years for you. I learned everything from scratch, the hard way. You don’t have to wait until you lose your job. There is a secret to breaking your Regular paycheck barrier.

Without learning the secret, you are destined to always think that some one else has to approve you and judge your Worth. I know you are curious to know the secret. Unfortunately, I can’t reveal it all in one page. I hate to see you curious, and let me share with you this true story.

I was blessed to be in a business management position right from the beginning of my career. When I lost my job, even though I had the skills and expertise, the thought of making sales calls scared me. I thought my communication skills would help me, but I was wrong. I had to work on my subconscious mind through affirmations to release the fear of making sales calls. This is very easy to do and easy not to do. I did it anyway and broke the barrier.

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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

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If you are putting off exploring the entrepreneur in you and pursuing your business dreams, then you must learn the secret to breaking the Regular Paycheck barrier.


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