Contents Of Ready-To-Use Training Sheets

Mailwasher Email Management

* Set up accounts
* Import accounts

Thunderbird Email Management

* Check & Reply to Email
* Set up accounts

Gmail Email Management

* Setting up a pop3 in Gmail
* Using the search function in Gmail

Outlook Email Management

* Set up a new email account in Outlook
* Setting up a signature in Outlook
* How to filter emails into folders in Outlook

Aweber Autoresponder

* Set up autoresponder series
* Set up mailing list
* Broadcast email
* Importing a list into Aweber

Quicksales (1Shopping Cart)

* Basic ad tracking
* Advanced ad tracking
* Set up autoresponder series
* Set up mailing list
* Set up product with/without digital download
* Creating an Order Discount
* Paying affiliates


* Set up mailing list
* Set up autoresponder series
* Broadcast email
* Set up a new product
* Set up Affiliate Tracking Links in WahmCart

DL Guard

* DLGuard membership site set up
* DLGuard single product set up


* Setting up a product in PayPal Shopping Cart
* Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks
* Send a Mass Payment with PayPal


* Broadcast email
* Adding graphics to your affiliate center
* Setting up an Amember product
* Set up follow-up email series in Amember
* Locating Affiliate Links & IDs in aMember

Streaming Audio & Podcasts

* Create audio with Streaming Audio Studio
* Podcast directory submission checklist
* Basic podcast set up using Audacity

Streaming Video

* Creating & editing a video in Camtasia
* Loading video to YouTube
* Adding videos to Google Video

Customer Support & Tickets

* Respond to Kayako support tickets
* Suggested text for digital download support
* Respond to PerlDesk support tickets

PHPBB Bulletin Boards

* Add avatar to profile
* Edit PHPbb header and footer
* Insert photo in post
* Managing members in phpBB

Teleseminars & Conferences

* Set up teleseminar using

Easy Internet Survey

* Create new survey
* Check stats of survey

Posting on Freelance Sites

* Post a job on Rentacoder
* Post a job on Guru
* Post a job on Elance


* Searching and editing mySQL Databases

FrontPage Management

* Edit web page live
* Adding Text Areas in FrontPage

Wiki Content Management

* Editing Wiki content

Course Creation

* Setting up a course in Moodle

Selling Products / Websites

* Set up a product on Cafepress
* List a Site for Sale at DigitalPoint
* List a Site for Sale at SitePoint

Internet Based Family Web Builder

* Edit pages
* Password Protect Page
* Add images to web page
* Create a page redirect
* Format page text
* Create a press release section

Blogger Management

* Moderating comments in Blogger
* Make a new post in Blogger
* Adding Adsense to a Blogger blog
* Adding authors to a Blogger blog

WordPress Management

* Moderating comments
* Scheduling Posts
* Installing Akismet to WordPress
* Installing MightyAdsense to WordPress
* How to convert Blogger posts to WordPress
* Adding widgets to WordPress
* Adding a captcha submission form
* Adding authors to a WordPress blog
* Use Redirection Plugin for WordPress

Mambo Management

* Approving & Editing Content

Cpanel Management

* Forward email addresses
* Set up an autoresponse
* Set up an email account
* Set up a subdomain
* Password protect web page

FTP Management

* Loading files using CuteFTP
* Upload / download files with FireFTP

Affiliate Management

* Finding potential affiliates protocol
* Use Clickbank affiliate link tracking feature

Microsoft Office

* Create a Table of Contents in Microsoft Word
* Using Styles in MS Word

Open Office

* Table of Contents in Open Office Writer

PDF Files

* Word to Adobe & EasyPDF
* Convert to PDF using Adobe Online

Graphic Editing Programs

* Create a screenshot with PaintShopPro
* Editing a template with GIMP

Business Networking/Bookmarking

* Set up a MySpace Page + Main Features
* Set up a Facebook Page + Main Features
* Set up a Twitter Account + Main Features
* Set up a Digg account + Main Features
* Setting up a Squidoo page + Main Features
* Creating a Yahoo360 page
* Set up & use account
* Creating a page at HubPages
* Use Twitterfeed to post your blog RSS feeds to Twitter
* Setting up a LinkedIn account

Promotion Tasks

* Link-building checklist
* How to submit articles to directories
* Using iSnare for article distribution
* How to write a press release
* Press Release Distribution Checklist
* Detailed instructions on submitting to PRWeb
* Following up with the media
* Order free business card from VistaPrint
* Order custom business card from Vista Print
* Submit Articles Using Unique Article Wizard


* Open a QuickBooks file
* Create an account in Quickbooks
* Downloading PayPal History to Quickbooks

Working with Contractors

* Suggested proofreading protocol
* Suggested transcription protocol
* Suggested ghostwriting protocol
* Suggested research protocol
* What to look for in a Web Designer
* What to look for in a Graphic Designer
* What to look for in a Programmer
* What to look for in a Content Writer
* What to look for in a Copywriter
* What to look for in a Bookkeeper
* What to look for in a Virtual Assistant


* What to include in invoices

* Using TimeStamp to track hours


* Check faxes / messages on
* Send email broadcasts through

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