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“Overcoming your fears about stepping out of your comfort zone to create the life

you’ve always wanted”


From: Lalitha Brahma

Date: January 2014

Dear Struggling Entrepreneur,

Have you ever yearned for a goal really badly… then had it in sight only to discover you didn’t believe you could achieve it?

That goal now feels too overwhelming. As if someone else could handle it… not you.

Or perhaps you’re still miles and miles away from even imagining you can achieve it at all. Your happy ending is stuck in the “someday”, a dream you comfort yourself with (while performing everyday drudgery just to make ends meet).

Perhaps you’ve been forced into entrepreneurship: Your company has downsized, your job is obsolete, your life has gone in a totally different direction from where you once planned it to go…

or maybe you just want to stay home with your kids. That’s why you’re working piecemeal, doing projects here and there for other people (on their time frames)…

Why That“Secret Ingredient”Always Seems

Out of Reach

Even if you’re happily working away, totally confident that “some day” you’ll definitely achieve success, what many people don’t realize is…

…“some day” is now.”

Oh, I don’t mean that this time next week you’ll be watching money rain all over you like a slot machine (don’t we all wish!)

I mean the reason some people spend years barely making ends meet and some create flourishing, self-sustaining online economies that help them achieve their lifestyle dreams is something you have to set up right now – not “some day”.

You need to know things you may not even feel ready to think about.And that’s how to plan for expansion, success, growing your business to the point where you’re earning six figures (for real)… and handling more responsibilities.

Your own boss at last, working the hours you want to work (and not one moment more).

Does that idea feel real to you?

Or is it far off in the “some day”?

Why Taking it “One Step at a Time” Isn’t Going to Work

The Way You Think It Should…

I’m just taking it one step at a time”, you say.

But what you may not realize is… all the steps you’re ever going to take so you can head in the right direction (not going round in circles) are steps you need to know about today.

Some people take it “one step at a time” because they…

  • Feel intimidated about planning “too big”

  • Can’t really imagine themselves running a team of other people

  • Think that success is something that happens to others
  • Don’t even know they’re running “scripts” from childhood (“scripts” that tie them up in fear)

There’s only one way to take away those secret saboteurs…

And that’s to realize that, all along,while you’re talking about success, your subconscious has been imagining yourself in a boat with only one undersized oar. (No wonder crossing that silvery, vast expanse of water made you feel intimidated!)

Knowing all the steps you need to take to get from A to Z as rapidly as possible is like throwing away that undersized, worn out oar and selecting the right set of new ones for your boat.

You can start rowing to that distant shore without pulling any muscles, panicking or going round in circles, secure in the knowledge that these are a great fit, they’re doing the job in record time. (And they’re so efficient, it feels like a dream!)

And they’re keeping you on course, heading straight for your dream destination.

It may feel, at first, like there’s still a long way to go. But suddenly, you find yourself…

Finally Feelinglike You’ve “Got it Right”

One thing you need to set that straight course towards your ideal, successful, largely self-maintaining business is a reliable map. Looking at the route ahead, seeing clearly where you have to turn (and where all the gas stations are) doesn’t mean you’re transported instantly to the end of your journey, of course.

But it does mean you are now really certain (consciously and subconsciously)about where you’re headed (and how to get there in record time).

And to do that, you need to know…

  • How to clearly identify your unique, money-making business idea (the one that makes time fly by – not slowly drag on forever and make you want to run away)
  • Why “following your passion” can sometimes be your biggest mistake

  • How to take that first “right idea” – and expand it into something even more exciting

  • How a little structure can free you up to be as creative and spontaneous as you please

  • How knowing only the first part of the equation is the reason things never seem to “add up”, when you’re struggling to complete the question
  • Why the secret “second part” is what successful people always seem to know

  • What most people know about researching a business idea doesn’t include that invisible extra step successful people always take

Obviously you can’t learn everything you need to know about running a successful business in one day!

But you can do it in four weeks. Right?

Why Knowing These Key “Landmarks”

Can Help You Set Yourself Up for

Genuine Success

What you need is a way to sneak-peek ahead. A way to see what it actually feels like to be where your dream lifestyle should one day appear.

A point where you’re:

  • Owning a business that is largely self-sustaining

  • Running a business you enjoy so much, time flies by (and there’s much more of the latter!)
  • Achieving recognition and success – knowing you’ve helped others to do the same
  • Becoming a role model to your kids (while spending a lot more time with them and enjoying every moment)

  • Making the income you want – and ensuring it’s there for life

Here’s Exactly What You Need to Know

To Set Up Your Dream Business

You need an overview – and knowing what to set up at the right time to make things happen in the not-too-distant future.

Things like…

  • Identifying your unique, money-making business idea – and then taking it one magic step beyond
  • Planning your ideal business so that smaller steps to get there always feel logical and right to take
  • Setting up business models and systems that will help you achieve consistent growth and income
  • Marketing strategies you can implement and build, to attract your targeted clients and customers

And that’s exactly what “Start and Grow Your Own Business” is going to help you create.

It’s a complete business course you can work your way through in four weeks (or less) – though I recommend you don’t rush it. Just work your way through the steps one at a time – and watch your confidence grow.

Download “Start and Grow Your Own Business” right this minute… because you’ve nothing to lose (it’s backed by my full, 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Even if you decide it’s not for you, you keep the four easy lessons (and the Worksheets) for the rest of your life — even if you decide to request your investment be refunded.


My full, 30-day, “no hassle”, 100% Money-Back Guarantee


I know you’re going to be so glad you invested in my four-part course, Start and Grow Your Own Business that I’m confidently offering my personal 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee.


If you’re not completely happy with your investment, just email me within 30 days of purchase and your investment will be cheerfully refunded – straight away.


Remember, the knowledge (and those useful Worksheets) contained inStart and Grow Your Own Business is yours forever – whether or not you ask for a refund or keep it to refer to and learn from, time and again.


I want you to be totally thrilled and happy in your investment, so if for any reason you change your mind about your purchase, simply contact me and your investment will be returned straight away.


But, above all, what this four-part course will help you do is…

Make Sure Your New Online Business is

More than Just a Job

By the end of this easy, step-by-step course, you will have learned…

Module 1: “How to Identify Your Money-Making Business Idea”module1-sm

  • How to find something better and even more satisfying than the dangerously misleading “follow your passion” myth

  • The three-step brainstorming system that is so simple, you’ll wonder why people don’t do it more

  • Seven questions you have to ask yourself, in order to make sure you’re “on the money”

  • The single most important fact to check, before rushing ahead on a seemingly-flawless idea

  • Taking stock of your ideas and chances — the simple worksheets that makes this a piece of cake
  • Two ingredients you have to add, to make sure your business recipe stands out

  • Two infallible resources to check, if you want to see what’s selling in your market (and how much for)

  • Six easy ways to find and research your target market

After completing a simple assignment that will help cement what you’ve learned firmly in your head, you’ll progress on to…

Module 2: “Planning Your Ideal Business”:module2-sm

  • Two things you have to look for, if you’re in the position of really needing money and income NOW

  • Whether or not to quit your day job — and how to avoid “all or nothing” thinking

  • A totally under-used resource for finding quality projects and clients — and it’s right there, hiding in plain sight!

  • How to get quick cash in without accidentally sabotaging your future business empire

  • Two things successful entrepreneurs never say – and one action they always take

  • The secret of entrepreneurial thinking — and the one seemingly-insignificant step you have to take, before you can create

  • How to make “quick cash” ideas actually enhance your long term plans

  • Planning for additional streams of income — why everyone should do it (and how)

  • How changing one word in your question can open up new vistas of possibility

  • The simple strategy to make things happen five times faster than you thought they would

  • Eight mistakes you never want to make – and five basic actions you need to take

You’ll really be on a roll, by the time you race through…

Module # 3: “Business Models and Systems for Consistent Growth & Income”:module3-sm

  • Seven business models that naturally generate recurring income

  • One particular source of recurring income all online entrepreneurs need to add

  • Ten ways to make it easy for your affiliates — and what’s “in it” for them besides the cash

  • Resources you can use — and what to do if you really don’t want to

  • Three highly effective ways to bring in affiliate commissions yourself — and nine clear steps for making Amazon mini-sites a viable business in their own right

  • Why membership sites are a “natural”, no matter what your business — and the right time to add them

  • Seven types of membership site currently making money (and making people happy)

  • Recommendations of resources you can use (and tips to take away)

  • The key to making your forum “take off” and become a household name

  • The simple step to take, to avoid unnecessary forum expense in the future

  • Three types of coaching you can add (there’s a model for every personality and energy level)

  • Unconventional membership sites — suiting your media to your members

  • The A to Z of eStores — How to make sure you’ve picked the right model for yours

  • One lesser-known product fulfillment company that will make you wake up and take notice

  • Adding eBooks to your passive income streams — four instant benefits (and how to make the process easy)

  • Six Kindle tips that will prevent you falling prey to common mistakes

Finally, we’ll finish off with:

Module 4: “Marketing Strategies to Attract Your Targeted Clients & Customers”:module4-sm

  • How to make sure the marketing strategies you use are the most effective choices for attracting your clients

  • Six strategies you need to employ, no matter what sort of business model you use

  • Why pacing is vitally important — and how to make your Sales Funnels flow

  • Six more optional strategies — and how to tell if they fit your business

  • A/B Split Testing and tracking — the basics you need to know (ones you can build on)

  • The secret attribute successful business share you need to make sure you include

  • Four habits to guard against (you’ll kill subscriber involvement — without lifting a finger)

  • The one thing you must always do for your subscribers and followers, no matter how tired or busy you happen to feel

  • Three types of “regular” follower — and how to make sure you reach them all

  • The four things you need to know about people addicted to their Mobiles

  • Six effective ways to connect with your users on Mobile

  • The simple, one-time tactic not to overlook — doing so will cut your social networking effectiveness to a trickle

  • Five easy ways to attract great JV partners — and why they will love your offers

  • Creating your “A” team — the added value collaboration can bring

  • Two facts you need to know about Facebook — and Pinterest tips and secrets

  • Fifteen things you can do with Google+ that can really help you grow your business

This simple, four-module course gives you a complete overview of how to plan making the maximum money you need to make in the easiest steps… while creating a business model (and passive streams of income) that will leave you with more time than ever before in your life.

So how about it? Are you ready to try “Start and Grow Your Own Business” today?

YES, Lalitha I need to learn about identifying, planning, marketing and growing by taking advantage of the most powerful source of business strategy today.

Send me, right now, my four-module e-course,“Start and Grow Your Own Business” – so I can create the lifestyle and future I want and need – starting today


I understand I’ll find out steps to take that will not only grow my business, but my confidence too – taking the fear out of being successful, and making it seem the most natural thing in the world.


A sampling of some of the things I’ll learn…


  • How to match my business set up and time progression against my goals
  • How Sales Funnels really work — and how to build them into my plans before I ever start one
  • Five ways to make social networking an effective breeze when I don’t have the time
  • Twelve things Mobile users love to do online — and why this is good for my business
  • How to break old patterns of thinking I didn’t even know I had!
  • Why filling in the easy worksheets can do more towards my success than simply help me organize things
  • How to make sure I’m living the sort of business life that makes time fly enjoyably by

Send me my course straight away, please — so I can get started!

I’ll also have 30 full days to evaluate the material at my leisure — and get a cheerful, easy refund, if I should decide for any reason “Start and Grow Your Own Business” is simply not for me.

This course is especially for you if you feel like you’re getting further behind with your business planning every day: You feel the more you know, the more you always seem to be realizing you have to learn.

Don’t struggle with re-inventing the wheel: Help yourself to insights, overview, information – and an easy-to-implement, pick-and-customize system.

Four easy lessons and a simple assignment. That’s all it’s going to take.

To your success!


Lalitha Brahma

P.S.Start and Grow Your Own Business” provides 6 easy “fill-in-the-blanks” Worksheets that you may feel are worth the price alone. (And you can use them time and again, for every business venture.)


This course is covered by my 100% money-back guarantee so download it and check it out for yourself right here.