Are You Drifting Away From Your Goal?

For some reason, I love to read, listen and watch anything that involves Personal Development. I consider “Personal Development” like sharpening the saw, before cutting a piece of wood. You may not believe this, just like we measure our temperature, when we have fever, I measure my Feelings temperature, when I become AWARE that I am not feeling good OR feeling sluggish and I am drifting away from my goal.

When I catch myself that way, I do one of several things…

I don’t want to distract you with a BIG list, but I will reveal about ONE of them and that is

Watching an empowering Video

While I was drifting AWAY from my goal, I was reminded of Zig Zigler, who passed away recently, and I wanted to watch his Video. You too can watch it below:

What did I learn?

1. Logic will not change an emotion, but action will.
2. Build a foundation underneath your dream.
3. When you are asleep you need your dreams.
4. You have got to be a meaningful specific.
5. Don’t Confuse Activity with Accomplishment.

Why do I like it?


1. It is inspirational.
2. Watching him narrate the story of caterpillar at the end, transformed my lethargy to enthusiasm instantly

In this short 4.45 minutes inspirational and POWERFUL Video, Mr. Ziglar has demonstrated all of it. I invite you to watch it till the end and share your comments below.

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