10 Simple Activities to Keep Your Business Running

“Business Activities And Monetary Reward”

As a Home based Business Owner/Self employed woman/mom, When you wake up in the morning, have you ever felt like a Failure OR a non-contributor or unproductive? I sure have. I used to feel this way a lot, when I transitioned from Corporate America as an employee to an Entrepreneur. When we have a job, our work timings, duties and related activities are assigned  by the employer. It is very easy to see the result of our contribution/achievement/productivity. Our driving force to get to work, is the promise of an assured Monetary Reward and that is a Paycheck.
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“Eliminating your regular paycheck barrier with Lalitha Brahma”

Unfortunately, productivity and contribution is most often associated with a monetary value. Hence as an Entrepreneur, when there is no guarantee/promise of an assured Monetary Reward right away, we tend to take it personally. This can lead to emotional, mental and financial impediment in building our business. Making a Sale is the ONE activity that assures a monetary reward immediately.  In my personal experience I have found following activities that  indirectly lead to monetary Reward. [Read more…]

Entrepreneurs! Five Sure Ways to Boost Your Creativity

When thinking of ways to boost your creativity, most people generally associated this idea with artists, painters and writers. However, to run a productive and profitable business, a business owner must be creative. First, as a business owner you must acknowledge your decision to operate your own business as a bold and creative step. However during the course of running your business you may get frustrated and run out of ideas. Here are the five easy ways to boost your creativity:
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